Psychic Surgery Part One: My Introduction To Eleuterio Terte

Today, I want to begin to share with you the story of one of most profound chapters of my life - my experiences with the pioneer psychic surgeon, Eleuterio Terte. Much has been written of psychic surgery over the years, much of it negative speculation for reasons that will become clear in this series of posts. Terte, however, was without a doubt a true healer and my life was forever changed from the years I spent under the tutorage of this gifted, wonderful man. It was an experience that I consider one of the most fortunate and greatest privileges of my life.

I first heard about Terte through a spiritual healer in Auckland, New Zealand. He had simply said, “If you go to the Philippines, Terte is the man you must see. He is an old man now. He is the original faith healer.”

In 1975, I decided to travel to the Philippines in search of him.

After searching for the best part of three months, I was one day wandering through the market place in Baguio City, the summer capital of the Philippines, when I heard a voice call out.

 “Hey Joe! Who are you looking for?”

(Being white-skinned, the locals assumed you to be American).

On that particular day, I actually wasn’t looking for anyone. Yet I found myself asking about Terte.

“Do you know the old man Terte, the faith healer?” I asked.

“I know him well. I can take you to him now,” my newfound friend said.

I must admit I had already heard this said by many, all to no avail. The locals were so eager to please, they would naturally tell you whatever they thought you wanted to hear.

Yet, much to my surprise and delight, 10 minutes later our cab pulled up out side a modest house. It turned out to be the home of Arsenia, Terte’s daughter.

“Father has just now left,” the attractive young women explained. ”But don’t worry. I can take you to see him tomorrow,” she continued, sensing my disappointment at having missed him.

The next day, I set off with Arsenia and after a challenging trip in a chauffeur driven ‘50s American limo, we arrived in a small village and pulled up outside a simple cement block shed. It turned out to be the home of Terte - the famed psychic healer.

I had already heard that Terte was not just any healer; he apparently had the ability to operate surgically with his bare hands. It was a challenging, almost incomprehensible, concept that I was about to witness and experience for myself.

It was also the start of a most remarkable chapter in my already remarkable life.

The besser block shed turned out to be a simple chapel. There was a small room to one side, which (I was to discover) was Terte’s sleeping quarter. The chapel was the central venue in which all services and healing took place.

We were asked who among us required healing; a line up quickly formed, each person waiting expectantly for Terte, the famed healer. After some time, a little Chinese looking man appeared. He seemed nervous and shy. Nothing like I was expecting, yet come to think about it, I didn’t know what I was expecting.

I was rather alarmed to see that I was the solitary white face lined up with a dozen or so locals.

I stood before Terte, who turned out to be one of the most humble men I have ever encountered.

He muttered something, and then moved on to the next person.

“What did he say?” I asked his daughter, who was also translating for me.

“Father says you have cancer of the lung,” she replied.

“Cancer of what?” I muttered in pure disbelief.

Terte turned back, sensing my alarm.

“Don’t worry Sir, I can fix,” he said.

My mind was spinning. I felt sick. Cancer of the lung! If any of you have ever received such a diagnosis, you will know where I was in that moment.

“Lie down on the table, Sir.”

I can still recall that hard wooden bench I was laid upon. Someone had placed a bible under my head that felt even harder than the bench.

Terte’s kind almost childlike eyes held mine; seconds later, I felt the impact of his fingers as they hit my abdomen, winding me. I felt his fingers physically enter inside my abdomen. It felt like he was tugging on something inside me.

The next moment, Terte triumphantly held up a bloodied mass.

He then proceeded to do the same thing with my chest. There was the initial impact, followed by the probing fingers physically inside me. There was no pain - just a definite feeling of something being extracted from my body.

I opened my eyes and looked into the twinkling eyes of this remarkable man.

“You are healed, Sir,” he said with a bright smile.

I sat up and stood up somewhat shakily, then staggered out into the sunlight and promptly vomited under a papaya tree. I looked down at my abdomen and chest. There was only a small amount of blood. I would soon learn that Terte was also often referred to as the bloodless healer; he had control of the bleeding, so there were often no wounds and little blood remaining at his entry points on the body.

Challenging as it was, I later came to find an understanding of what happened that day. Terte was a psychic; he saw beyond the physical. The sickness that he saw and interpreted as cancer was in my energy body. It may well have become cancer later in my life, had I not learned to clear my unexpressed emotion.

Psychic surgery removes the roots of the sickness, which causes the physical lump/tumour to dissolve.

I was also to learn that unless the emotional issues that had initially begun the sickness were dealt with, the sickness would return. This explained why so often psychic healing helped for a short time before the sickness returned.

These learnings and much, much more would soon unfold on my journey with Terte. I had began what was to be a two year journey into healing under the teaching of a wonderful man they called the bare handed surgeon. What I had experienced that day was very real. However, before my time in this wonderful country was up, I would experience the other side of the healing world - psychic fakery. The Philippines was to prove to be a land of contradiction and contrast of truth and falsehood… 



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