Psychic Surgery Part Two: Psychic Fakery

As the weeks turned into months, my journey into the world of psychic healing continued. I learned something new every day from the old man, Terte. He was a remarkable healer who possessed a deep wisdom. He was quiet and humble. There was no fanfare; he had pride and seemed to have mastered his ego. My respect for him deepened.

In addition to his unique healing gifts, Terte had the ability to see deep into a person’s soul. This often occurred with little more than a passing glance on his behalf; such was the ability that this man had. I was beginning to learn that perception was the key for us all. That we all viewed life through the programs we carry, built on the experiences we have had along the journey of life. Terte seemed to be able to see without these filters.

Terte would often treat several hundred people in a morning session, something almost inconceivable to our western way of thought. It was an entirely different way of healing than anything I had seen before.

During my time with Terte, I also had the opportunity to witness many other different healers doing their work. Some were exceptional, and much to my amazement and disappointment, some who were complete frauds.

Using bloodied tissue and other materials positioned discreetly in their palms, they would fake the entire healing in exchange for a quick buck.

These are the con artists whom you will now find most often referred to in writings about psychic surgery and who have marred its well-deserved and incredible merits.

The first time I had witnessed true psychic surgery, I had no trouble believing it. However, when I first saw psychic fakery, I could NOT believe what I was seeing.

I had been invited to observe a Filipino healer named Jun. After he had begun ‘healing’, I noticed something weird; the only part of him that was touching the patient’s body were his fingertip, yet blood was seeping out of the back of his clenched hand.

As I continued to silently observe, I had to accept that this healer was palming pieces of “blood and guts”. And he wasn’t even doing it all that well. Once I had become aware of what he was doing, it was so obvious. However most who were watching were so caught up in the moment they weren’t aware of the deception unfolding in front of them.

My first reaction was shock and disbelief. To say I was shattered would be an understatement. I considered that maybe all the healers I had witnessed had been fraudulent. My next reaction was anger. It took some soul searching to find a place of understanding for fake ‘healers’. My main question was why would they do such a thing - deceiving genuine people in search of healing, taking advantage of people in sick and vulnerable states?

After some time, I eventually came to accept it all as an example of egos out of control. The ego is only concerned about itself, unlike the soul that sees all as one and cares as deeply for others as much as it cares for itself. The true healers were genuine in their quest to assist others; the frauds were only interested only in the glory and money.

In time, I came to understand that when true healing was taking place in a room, the entire energy shifted and a deep stillness pervaded the room. Conversely, the energy when fake healing was happening generated a flat or dead feeling. But the big giveaway was that the true healer had control of his/her ego; he or she had humility, while the fakes were true showmen who had no qualms flaunting their garish jewellery and expensive outfits.

When I asked Terte about the fake healers, he said that there were two types of healers: the ones who worked under the seven spirits of God, and those who worked under money. The money focused ones soon lost their power to heal.

I eventually found I knew immediately I walked into a therapy room whether or not a healer was genuine; I simply got to know and trust the sense of energy that came to me.

I realised I had been so lucky to have the humble Terte as a benchmark. The fake healers weren’t even fit to be his student, let alone his equal.

In the next post: learning to perform psychic surgery.



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