Qualities Of Today's Truth Seeker & The Mystic Of Old

The truth seeker of today differs from the mystic of old in only one major way: the mystic of old retreated from the world, seeking lessons and enlightenment from the seclusion and silence of the mountains, whereas the modern day seeker must find his/her silence and lessons in the challenges of everyday life.

Here is a list of qualities common to both the mystic of old and the modern day seeker. Do they resonate with you?

1.    The mystic aligns with spirit. They know they're more than a physical body.

2.    The mystic seeks stillness.

3.    The mystic honours nature.

4.    The mystic masters emotion. They are spontaneous, unhindered by the past or the future and live in the moment.

5.    The mystic inspires. They lift the consciousness of the room.

6.    The mystic understands that thought creates.

7.    The mystic has clear vision. They understand victim consciousness. They don’t react but look for the lesson in the issue and learn from it.

8.    The mystic hears the inner voice and learns to trust it.

9.    The mystic understands the concept of death. The fear of death doesn’t possess them; they see death as a doorway to another world.

10.   The mystic understands that the life force arises from within.

11.   The mystic looks for signs and omens.

12.   The mystic has purpose.