Series 2 Of The Soul And The Ego Workshops Starts July!

We are excited to confirm that series 2 of The Soul And The Ego Workshops will start with The Inner Self workshop on July 30 and 31, 2011!

This is the first weekend workshop in a series of five, with the remaining four workshops held approximately every eight weeks.

This is a unique opportunity to be involved a process of spiritual development under the direct guidance of The Council Of 12. These wise Elders have inspired the framework of these workshops and actually guide the meditative processes that form a large part of the course work.

If you are serious about finding and embracing your true self, you will find that these workshops will provide the ways and means to do just that. This is a format new to me (the first series started in January this year) but I can say that participants old patterns are already being shifted and they are being helped to evolve into new and more appropriate ways of embracing life.

Please note that these are not the “feel good” new age workshops of past that you may be familiar with - they are more than that. These workshops are about facing yourself, your truth and connecting with your soul. At times they be challenging. But the profound impact that we have seen shows they WILL change your life in some way.

I know that only those meant to be there will come (for that is how it always been). So if you feel that inner calling or urge or even just a curiosity to attend, do yourself a big favour and do it. The Inner Self workshop is a starting stone for the rest of the workshops in the series and will give you an idea what this process is all about. If at the end you feel it's not for you, you do not need to commit to the following four workshops in the series. Like all journeys in life, it is essential everything be done at your own pace and what feels right for you.

For more information on the first workshop and the rest of the workshops in the series, click here.

You can also read personal messages from participants from previous workshops here.

Call or email me as numbers are limited and places are filling up quickly.