Setting Your Inner Child Free


Within each one of us there is an inner child, and in most of us this child self is trapped in unresolved emotion locked deep in our unconscious mind.

If you wish to be free and whole in your present self, then this child must be set free and you are the only one who can do this.

The following article shows how I was able to do this within myself. I hope it helps you.

Try to find the child at seven years of age as this is a point of change and conflict.

During a recent meditation, I found the seven-year-old child inside of me, and for the first time fully understood him.

What follows is a letter I wrote to him…

"Dear Peter,

For the first time I understand you why you were such a frightened seven-year-old boy.

You were so confused. You were always told you can’t do this or that but you were never were you told you could anything. Your parents always put up stop signs in front of you instead of a green light. They always said ‘you cant’, ‘don’t’ and ‘you shouldn’t’. They never taught you to believe in yourself did they?

I see how your Dad taught you the importance of winning; what he didn’t show you was how to lose with dignity and honour. When you won, all was well in your world, but when you lost (as all winners must do), you felt you weren’t good enough. When you did have wins, you wanted your Dad to be there, but he never was. When you lost, you wanted your Grandad to be there - he understood about loss as he had been in the War - but he never came either.

When you reached your teen years, you became rebellious. You stopped trying. Better to say you weren’t interested than having to deal with failing.

They never showed you how to lose and therefore you didn’t know how to win properly.

This pattern then continued throughout your life - you won’t let yourself become too successful for you have learned that the down side of success is failure and you don’t know to do that with grace and honour. So you have only ever allowed yourself to be successful to a modest degree (at least that is safe) but you hold yourself back; your potential is never reached.

No one got you. No one understood. Your family (except for your Grandad) made you feel like a little kid, didn’t they? Kids are seen and not heard. How often was that said? You knew that you were as big as they were. You knew that all souls were the same size. Their lack of proper teaching stopped you from being confident. You ended up shy and withdrawn and not feeling good about yourself. You felt confusion and despair. You were stuck.

Your parents never taught you about living your truth because they didn’t know how to live their truth. They were brought up in an era of confinement and restriction. They taught you what they had been taught. That’s why they always struggled, and they limited their success as well and passed the same pattern on to you.

I know now that the key to life is to learn to live your truth. But the only way you can do this is if you are taught to do so, otherwise you don’t know.

So don’t worry - we are together again, Peter, little you and me. I am sorry that I left you. I didn’t understand that I had grown older and you saw that as me leaving you. I need you to forgive me. I just couldn’t wait to grow up and get away from all those rules. I got a bit lost, but now I have found my way back and understand you and me much better. So let’s help each other. Together we can do anything. We can walk without fear and live a life of truth and love. Together we can allow ourselves to succeed and be the best we can be and deal well with the down times. Now that we understand the value of losing, we can succeed in a way that we once could never have envisaged.

With much love, your older self,


Connecting with the seven-year-old self has helped liberate me from a restriction I never realised I had. I have reconnected and feel a wholeness I have not known before.

See if you can find your inner child and help him/her. Remember you are the only one that can help that child self. Reach out and you may feel a hand waiting to be held.