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I'm happy to share a special audio meditation with you today...

A friend recently came to see me who was struggling to find direction in life and we decided to do a meditation.

The following recording is what came through.

She found this meditation to be very powerful and inspirational and gained so much peace from these words that she asked me to share it with you all.

It was recorded on a mobile phone so the sound quality isn’t great, but it is sufficient enough to be clearly heard and achieve what it needs to.

Although this mediation was channeled for this particular person, it is relevant to all. This is a meditation that will help those of you that seek to find your path and/or deepen your connection to your path in life.  

For maximum benefit, this meditation should be done for seven days at the same time each day. You will need about half an hour to do this. The ending has been removed, so you can stay in a relaxed state and come out of the meditation when you're ready.

"This meditation came about when I was visiting Peter during a particularly difficult time.

Although it's many months later, I still remember vividly how powerful the feeling/energy was in the room when we did this. It's difficult to describe adequately in words, but for me it's still one of the best meditation experiences I've had. And after seven days, I noticed a definite shift in my energy, thoughts and actions.

Now whenever I can feel I need grounding and perspective, I do this meditation. In fact I really look forward to doing it, because it works for me. I have a huge sense of peace and safeness and strength and clarity afterwards.

Thank you Peter, I hope others will find it equally as helpful."

To download, right click on the link below and choose "save link as".

Download the Signposts meditation MP3