Connection & Life Purpose: Are You Missing Your Calling?


We begin seeking connection from the day we begin life on this earth and most of us continue to look for it all our lives. So what is this connection? Perhaps we should first explore disconnection.

The problem we have when we are born is that we become separated from the source of all things. This separation, and in some cases isolation, goes against our true nature: connection.

One key aspect of life on this planet is largely about individuality, achievement, career. As we grow into life, without knowing it, we set about building an identity. Our ego self is born and does its best to find a way to be noticed and acknowledged. Those of us who get trapped in this ego game (as most do) may find ourselves enthralled with this journey - at least at first. Yet as time passes, we come to realise that what we thought we were going to get from the game doesn’t eventuate. We become disillusioned with our lot, get stuck and stay stuck accepting what is. We then have become disconnected.

Some, however, look for a way through what can become a pit of despair. These are the seekers looking for that missing piece.

The missing piece is CONNECTION.

What we are looking for is the sense of connection that we once had. Without connection we are lost, frightened, confused and alone. Hence we seek connection through religion, groups, friends, lovers, partners, sports, music, arts, hobbies and recreational activities; anything that helps us to feel that alignment of energies, ideas, of belonging. Some seek a connection with animals, and these people often easily find acceptance, love and connection with their four-legged friends.

While all these ways may have great benefits, something still feels like it is missing. The sense of isolation or disconnection is still with us despite what we might outwardly have gained. We learn, in the human condition, to look outside ourselves for what we lack when the very thing we seek is much closer. In fact it is right under our own nose - it is within us.

The connection we once had (and likely didn't know that we had lost) is so close, yet in many ways seems so far away.

In times gone by people didn’t seek a career, they looked for a CALLING: something that aligned with their own being, something that was an extension of them, not something that they try to add, as we do when we seek a career. Those ones that looked for their calling didn’t look outward; they held their centre and looked within. Then the very thing that they needed for enrichment of their own being came toward them. They didn’t need to find what they needed, it found them. This was the connection they had lost.

Perhaps we need to return to this way of living?

Have you ever experienced something just happening in your life that turns out to be exactly what you needed, even though at the time you didn’t realise it? These things happen without you outwardly doing anything. All you need is the belief and faith that this is how its supposed to be. Hold the correct intent and belief that you will find your way and that you are part of this incredible Universe that is completely in order with nothing out of place.

Holding this belief will allow a change. It is a perception change and it allows our whole perspective to change. Our entire reality is allowed to be what it is, not what we thought is was or what we think it should be.

The path to this connection is within, and you know the way there: stop, find solitude, empty your mind, and ask. Have trust and faith and allow your inner self to call you back toward the connection that you seek.

This is your truth, your true reality and it is only when you reconnect to your soul that you will feel who you truly are, know who you truly are and know how you need to move forward.