Ready For A Change? The Soul And The Ego 2018 Workshops Start February, Book Now

Peter Hoddle Council Of 12 Soul Ego Personal Development Meditation Workshop Course

I am pleased to confirm that The Soul And The Ego personal development workshop series for 2018 will start on the weekend of Saturday February 10 & Sunday February 11, 2018, held in our workshop space in Pomona, Queensland.

Bookings are now open and you can reserve your spot by calling my office on 07) 5485 0955.

Most of us believe that the thoughts that we think and express are our own, yet the truth is that most of our thoughts and beliefs are built on what we’ve learned (from our families, culture, societies, religion) and what we’ve experienced throughout life. Every event in our existence has shaped what we think and how we feel; our opinions, beliefs - indeed the majority of our thought - comes from what we have absorbed along our journey through life.

At some point, most of us will begin to look for a way of truly understanding ourselves and what life is really about. This is when we need some direction and guidance to help us to find a better way.

For those of you looking for change, consider these workshops, which have been given to us by The Council of 12 (read more about these wise beings here). This course will help you understand where these patterns, thoughts and feelings originated and give you tools to change any that no longer serve you. They will give you an opportunity to not only understand yourself, but set yourself free.

The Council of 12 have told us: “These workshops are unique to your planet. They provide all the tools necessary for you to live a life of greater understanding and purpose.”

Many years ago, The Council of 12 began to give us - myself and Peter D, who also facilitates the course - the information and the structure of what would become The Soul and The Ego Workshop Series. The course has evolved over the years, and the content has been refined over this time.

The series comprises of five separate weekend workshops spread over 10 months, with a two day weekend workshop every eight weeks.

While each workshop could stand on its own, they are linked and one flows onto the next, so they need to be done in sequence, starting with workshop one.

So far, 97 people from around Australia have completed this workshops series in its current format.

Some have started, stopped for various reasons, some returning the following year to complete the series. The majority have worked their way through the course and found a new dimension within themselves and a new way of living.

A number of people have also returned to repeat the entire course. In the words of one of these inner travellers, “I find I need reminding and each time I redo this course I find another level within myself.”

Over the years, I have watched some individuals make huge shifts in their lives. These transformations have required deep inner work on their behalf, for in order for true change to take place we all must look into ourselves.

In starting with the truth of where we are, we can find our way to the truth of what we truly are. These workshops present the tools needed to make those changes.

Nothing is forced upon workshops participants and each person is encouraged to move along at a pace that works for them. For those who may become “becalmed”, support and guidance is always at hand.

When The Council of 12 gave us the structure and format all those years ago, I couldn’t have imagined the impact these teachings would have on my life and on the lives those who have taken the course.

To those of you who long to come to know themselves, The Soul and The Ego workshop series may well be for you.

To read more about this personal development course, get a full run down on The Soul & The Ego workshops here.

The Soul and The Ego workshop dates:

Workshop 1: The Inner Self - February 10 & 11

Workshop 2: Soul Development - April 21 & 22

Workshop 3: Development Of Your Psychic Self - June 9 & 10

Workshop 4: Manifesting Your Life - August 4 & 5

Workshop 5: Past Lifetimes - October 13 & 14


From the Council of 12 - end of The Soul & The Ego Workshops 2017

"You have been given a way forward, you have been shown a new way to act, a new way to think, a new way to live. It is your choice whether you embrace these teachings or reject and forget them and go back to your old ways. But the old ways will be uncomfortable, for you will always know the truth.

We ask that you act with truth, we ask that you act with faith and trust, in what we have given you. We ask that you call on the universal help which we have revealed. We ask that you build on your knowledge and wisdom to change yourself, for in changing yourself you change the world. Your actions, while you feel may be insignificant, have an enormous and profound impact on the entire planet.

You need do nothing more than be true to yourself to change the things you wish. Honesty and intergity are one thing, absolute truth is another. Live your absolute truth, but do so with kindness and compassion towards others and as you draw others toward you, be kind, be loving, be tolerant, be understanding, be forgiving and most importantly be understanding and compassionate to yourselves. For while you see things as mistakes, we see them as the things that needed to occur to bring you blessings.

We thank you for what you have done, we thank you for your sacrifice, we thank you for your understanding we thank you for your trust, we thank you for your love. Bless you all."

From those who have completed the course:

“Life changing. Hope, joy, truth and love are now part of my and my families lives everyday. I am still overwhelmed with gratitude as I write this, thinking about how much better I am, and how much better my life is.” Erin

“These workshops sincerely change peoples lives! With the guidance from The Council of 12, you are supported to discover your authentic self by confronting and piecing together patterns of behaviour and beliefs that anchor you and prevent you from moving forward. These workshops are a great investment in yourself.” Lisa.

"The opportunity to receive the advice from 12 wise beings, The Council of 12, has been the most valuable and helpful gift that I have ever received, and enabled me to navigate through life’s challenging tasks… The 12’s wisdom, lovingly shared and guided by both Peter H and Peter D, have given me the strength and self-worth that lead me out of fear and into faith. “ Lea

"I recently completed The Soul and The Ego series of workshops, having changed groups a number of times to accommodate hospitalisation and medical treatment for an aggressive form of leukemia I was diagnosed with a couple of years ago. Whilst the medical care I’ve been given has been fantastic, I have no doubt that the insights and skills I took away from the workshops have played a major role in my amazing recovery to this point." David

"The Soul & The Ego course has honestly changed my life in more profound, mind-blowing ways than words can possibly do justice for - it’s changed my entire way of being. So much so, at times I get overwhelmed by the thought of what could of happened to me if I had NOT done this course... I know within myself I have waited my whole life for some of the answers and understanding I received doing these workshops. That is a feeling of liberation and relief that I am infinitely grateful for.” Liz

“Sometimes a passing remark can change our life. Such a remark was made to me. ’You should go to one of Peter Hoddle’s workshops where you can ask questions of the spiritual entities that call themselves The 12 Elders.’ At that time, I was dying from inoperable bowel cancer. The 12 Elders’ words of wisdom and truth, Peter’s professional help and my own commitment to facing the truth about myself, has given me a new life of health.” Malcolm

"Over the past 9 months of this course, I have handled situations that have arisen in my life with calm, truth and courage and that comes from what I have learned from The Soul & The Ego workshops. I have experienced healing in both my body and my heart and feel I have grown with the guidance of the two Peters, with several light bulb moments during the course. If my words encourage any readers to follow through and attend this course, I hope it furthers your journey to discover your soul’s purpose.” Dianne

"The Soul and The Ego workshop series is a truly transformational experience. The workshops offer very clear advice on how to live your best life and when you follow the steps you’ll soon see your relationships blossom, your self confidence soar and you’ll break old patterns which will allow you to feel more at one with the Universe than you’ve ever felt before. " SW

"I was blessed to be given the opportunity to attend The Soul and The Ego Workshop series presented by Peter Hoddle and guided by The Council of 12. It was a life changing experience for me. It brought up situations and emotions from past and present that I had no idea had affected me and shaped me into the person that I had become… DO THESE WORKSHOPS - THEY WILL BE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT YOU WILL EVER DO!" Vonnie

I was actually stuck for words writing this, as any brief comments would not do justice to the breadth of the knowledge acquired over the workshop duration… I have found everything I learned I have applied, and by an osmotic effect, it has positively influenced my family, friends and clients… The changes that I have made seem progressive and permanent - not a temporary influence of the high from doing an interesting course, but deep change." Rosie

“Sheer brilliance, amazing, insightful! I stumbled across this course in a twist of fate, as I had flown to QLD for another course. In doing so, I had the privilege of meeting Peter Hoddle. Having had a couple of private sessions with him, he mentioned The Soul & The Ego workshops. At first I discarded the idea, as I live in Melbourne and it seemed a bit of an effort to attend every eight weeks. THANK GOD I DID! It was life changing… This workshop will enrich your life!” Christine

"Imagine being able to ask YOUR question about YOUR issues and receiving an answer that comes without discord, with no human ego attached. As well as connecting with like-minded souls in a nurturing, loving atmosphere, this is what you get...this is the real deal!” Jan

"At times I felt confronted, belonging, loneliness, centeredness and had realisations I never even dreamed of!! The experience does not start on the Saturday morning and finish Sunday afternoon. If you surrender, it will permeate your whole life. Things change. Things shift. If this is what you want in life, these are the workshops for you… To get to attend a workshop is something I see as an honour and a privilege. ” Erica

"If you have the chance to attend The Soul and The Ego workshops, consider yourself one of the very privileged ones. You will have one of the most important accelerated learning experiences of your life, and some of the most incredible realisations about yourself possible. These have spearheaded the start of a personal inner core transformation I never thought imaginable but always dreamed of... I’m talking TRUE tangible change, and real personal freedom and peace.” SC

“I have now attended four of Peter’s workshops and for me, once I step through the door I’m no longer a wife, mother, sister, daughter. It is just about me and my journey of self-awareness. Each workshop I attend, I learn something new about myself and the more I understand myself the more confident I become… I love attending Peter’s workshops. “ Janene

"The advice the Elders give is absolutely truthful, sometimes confronting in its honesty, but if followed, leads to a greater self-knowledge that is empowering. Life can become more benign and joyful, physical ailments can be healed and positive changes can happen in relationships with family, friends and colleagues.” Sarah

"Peter guides his workshop participants with love and patience; supporting the processes you are undergoing using his intuitive understanding of all things human. He is a unique leader allowing you to place full trust in his methods and abilities.” Anita