Final Few Places Available For The Soul & The Ego Workshop Series - Starts February 10 & 11 - Understand The Real You


There are a final few places available for The Soul & The Ego 2018 workshop series starting on the weekend of February 10 & 11, held in Pomona, QLD. They will definitely fill over the next two weeks, so book now if you are interested or phone my office on 07) 5485 0955 to find out more.

From The Council of 12 about these workshops:

"This is a progressive program and it is conducted in such a manner as to nurture the development of those seeking spiritual direction. It is for those who wish to find a new path in life, also for the novice spiritualist and for those who seek the truth within themselves.

For that is what we teach: to seek the truth within. Not to find the intangible, not to know how many angels or guides one has, nor to know what their names are.

To seek the truth within.

To be able to build the necessary skills to sustain oneself through this life; to change and to grow; to find peace, tranquility and harmony within; to allow the messages of the Universe to flow effortlessly; to be able to integrate into ones life the information given and to make a true change in how the individual approaches the rapidly changing world in which they live.

To be able to make sense of what the world has to offer and learn how to grow spirituality in the 21st century.

Many of the modalities taught are ancient modalities; ours are modern modalities and therefore applicable to now and the future. The ancient modalities have their place in the past; they no longer apply to this rapidly changing world.

This is modern spirituality. Not that of the '60s and '70s - that of the NOW.

Practical. Pragmatic. Effective. These words would describe the process well.”

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