New Soul & Ego Podcast Series Is Live! #1: The Truth About Angels

You might have noticed a new addition to this website in recent weeks: a new podcast section, where I’ll be bringing you regular thoughts and advice on array of metaphysical subjects and wisdom from The Council Of 12 to assist you on your journeys. I do hope you find these insightful and would love to hear your feedback and any suggestion for future topics that are of particular interest to you – get in touch.

The first podcast in the series is called The Truth About Angels and I wanted to expand on this podcast for you, as it is important and has been reiterated by The Council Of 12.

Angels are one part of the trilogy of invisible helpers that are available to all of us. Each of these groups of beings has their own purpose and function. They consist of our Guides (who guide us), our Guardians (who protect us)and our Angels that heal us.

There is some misconception about Angels; this is due to the fact that we have all lived many lifetimes and over these experiences we have gathered information and misinformation about angels. Different cultures have a wide variety of belief systems about what angels are, what they look like and what their purpose is.

Angels are the healers of the Universe - this is what they always have been and always will be. They don’t take on physical form; they are light beings and as such have a light form and appear in a way that lines up with your belief system. In other words, they will look like what you believe them to look like. The wings that most people believe to be part of angels are actually bands of energy that obliquely connect to the shoulder area. Wings are the result of someone’s perception (more than likely an artist). Angels appear to fly and although they don’t need wings in the dimensions that they inhabit, the viewer observing from this plane would have assumed the bands of energy were wings as they were ‘flying’.

Many people seem to get hooked up on the names of their Angels. This is not advisable as this will only engage egos and filter your connection with them. The important thing is to connect to them and receive what they have to offer; don’t worry about what they are called. For instance, if you believe that the archangel Michael is watching over you it becomes very difficult to not have your ego engage and you begin to think that you are something special (yet more ego). (Your angel isn’t concerned about names; they don’t play ego games only humans does that.

In order to link up with your Angel, you need to 1) them ask for help, and 2) believe that you deserve what you ask for. Call on your Angel when you need support and comfort their response will be instant (remember to believe you deserve what you ask for). Your need should be important, i.e., don’t bother the Angel with finding a parking space; use your mind focus for this task the Angel is for more important things.

Below is a prayer to your Angel, best done while kneeling in the prayer position like a small child)

Angel prayer:

“Angel, please help me (say what you seek).

I trust and believe in the power that you are.

Protect and nurture me and my loved ones.

I am worthy of all the help that you and the universe have for me.

I truly deserve all the goodness and grace that you offer.

I am blessed and I in turn bless you.”