Stepping Outside Of Time


We are born with timelessness. As children, we live in the moment, we play, we are present, and we are free. In the child’s mind we can be lost from time, we can spend hours and hours and have no idea how much time has passed; this is the world of the child. During this period of our earthly sojourn we are connected to the worlds beyond the earth, the worlds of angels and higher beings. How often do we see tiny babies focused on what we, as adults, cannot see? They follow shapes and shadows, they can see into the invisible worlds. We, as children, are connected to the whole; we are close to our true state. However we are about to enter the world of separation and isolation. We are soon to find ourselves disconnected.

From about the age of seven years, we begin to enter into time, which we must do in order to function in any sort of balance in our earthly life.

By the time we reach 14 years, we have found our feet in time and the wonderful state of timelessness has faded and now becomes the fantasy of the child; we have entered the ‘real’ world. We have learnt to follow the clock. We have come down to earth, the floaty state now filed in the childhood world of fantasy. We become trapped, we are separated and isolated, fear has entered our being.

From here, the dysfunction that we find throughout our western world begins: sickness, depression, despair and hopelessness are all products of living in time. People trapped in time age prematurely. They get sick and seek outside aids to function - they look to addictions and diversions in order to get through their day. If people continue to stay stuck in time, the future becomes bleaker and it can lead to hopelessness and, in the extreme, suicide as a way out of the prison of time.

While we need to live in time in order to live in life and not float through it, I believe we must also take time out of time in order to revive and rejuvenate ourselves. This assists us to live in time in balance. There are two ways to do this and I believe a combination of both is necessary:

1.    We must MEDITATE. There are many ways to do this, find one that works for you. Meditation is the term given to an age-old process in which we learn to suspend the movement of the mind enabling a communication from the higher worlds to take place, leading to direction and inner peace. This peace comes from the world of timelessness.

2.    We need to find something we are passionate about and DO It. The artist will stand in from of his easel for hours and loose track of time. The surfer will spend hours out in the swell absorbed in timelessness.

One of my earlier mentors, the Filipino psychic surgeon healer Eleuterio Terte, would after a long day healing, sit, close his eyes and in 10 minutes be revived. It was as if he had had an eight-hour sleep. If you can learn to step out of time, you will find you have time; when you are stuck in time you have no time.

In the words of The Council of 12, “time expands and contracts in accordance to ones beliefs”.

Many blessings to you all.

Happy travelling,