Super Blue Blood Moon 2018 - What's The Spiritual Meaning & How To Make The Most Of It


On January 31, 2018, three lunar events will happen in one when a Super Blue Blood Moon rises in the sky. This rare event, occurring only once every 150 years, give us an opportunity to tap into a great deal of energy, if we choose to.

Centuries ago, particularly in medieval times, many believed the Blood Moon to be a bad omen, especially if you looked at the moon, a baby was born under it or it shone directly on the baby!

The fact is this moon carries a tremendous amount of energy. And as with all energy, it can be used for positive and negative ends. This is the key - it is entirely dependent on your belief system.

Here is my take on how we can make the most of this Super Blue Blood Moon from a spiritual perspective: take the chance and trust in the Universe and this opportunity.

If the moon reveals itself for viewing (on the East Coast of Australia, we may have significant cloud cover due to current weather patterns), sit or stand and let yourself absorb the powerful energy that it offers you. 

Ask it to help you see the truth of yourself. And if that is your desire, it WILL help you to see with a greater clarity the truth of yourself.

It will expose YOU to YOU.

Take a pen and paper with you and make a note of what comes to you, for it may well be the key that you are seeking.

Happy Super Blue Blood Moon gazing.