How To Protect Your Energy Field Part 1 - The Pyramid Of Protection

How To Protect Your Energy Field Part 1 - The Pyramid Of Protection

Protection of our energy field is vital as we move through life and are exposed to the many differing vibrational patterns around us. The Pyramid Of Protection, given to us by The Council Of 12, is one of the most powerful tools available at our disposal to protect our energy field. This exercise is taught to those who attend The Soul and The Ego workshop series and today I am sharing it with you. Don't hesitate to use it as often as you need to.

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Belief Systems, Victims And Students Of Life

Belief Systems, Victims And Students Of Life

“There are three categories of beings that come to the earth: the first group are the great masters. These are few, most are never seen, and they quietly go about their work. You may walk past them and not know them. They are most necessary for your earth - they bring the wisdom of the ancients that uplifts mankind. Then there are the second group, those who incarnate in order to have a rest. These souls have had challenging recent past life experiences and need time to allow their energy fields to regenerate. The third group comprises the bulk of humanity who has come to learn and to grow spiritually.”

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Are You Wired For Abundance Or Lack Of Abundance?

Our belief system is wired for either abundance or lack of abundance or something in between. Most people are programmed for lack - these individuals struggle and never quite find the abundance in life that they seek. As a result of their conditioning, their central unconscious belief is that they don’t deserve. These beliefs create their reality.

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The Secret: Three Important Things You Should Know

This book was a great success when it first appeared a few years ago. The ‘secret’ is quite simply stated:

“You and I hold the power of life in our hands. You can create anything you wish in your life. All you have to do is to focus your thought and project a picture of what you want and hey presto, it is yours.”

In short, if you put a lot of concentrated focus behind the thought, your thought will manifest into a reality in your life.

Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? Too good to be true?

Well, fundamentally, it is true. There is no doubt in my mind that this IS the secret. And we all have access to it. For we all are connected to the Universe, the greatest power that exists.

There are, however, some flaws in this story…

Three essential elements weren’t covered adequately and therefore in my eyes, we ended up with a story that only told us part of the secret - a secret with no value at all!

The first thing the book missed was this crucial point: you will only achieve what you visualise if you truly believe you deserve it. This is not so much about your conscious belief; this is governed by your unconscious belief, which is built from your history. If the secret isn’t manifesting for you, have a look at your past conditioning. Check out your history. You may find that your sense of self worth was so battered in your early life that you don’t believe you are worthy of the thing you ask for. You may need to do some inner work to heal this.

The second essential point missing was if you ask the Universe for something you long for, always add this little footnote to your prayer/request:

“May this only occur if it serves my highest good.”

This is in case your prayer/request is only your ego trying to manifest its desires. And if this is the case and you DON’T use the little footnote, you may very well get what is absolutely no good for you at all!

The third thing that lessened the story in my eyes was the focus on materialism. If you recall, many of the people portrayed in the book focused on material possessions.

One fellow had a photo of a mansion on his visualisation board for years; now he owns the mansion and considers this a wonderful example of the application of ‘the secret’. However, if this does not serve his highest good, it will only bring him a whole bunch of stuff opposite to what he thought he was asking for. The mansion of his dreams could end up the very worst thing for him.

Of course there really are no wrong decisions in life, as every path can be learned from. However, there are different paths to the destination; some are the long way around while others are more direct. You choose!

Hopefully this gives you an added perspective to the story and a better idea of the 'real' secret.

How Belief Systems Dictate Your Reality: A Tale Of Psychic Surgery

Some years ago while living in the Philippines studying psychic healing, I had an experience that shows just how real the above statement is... I was attending a healing session conducted by Juanito Flores, a psychic surgeon (a healer who is able to open the human body with his hands and conduct a surgical operation without pain). I stood beside a Scottish medical surgeon and his wife and we observed a young man come forward complaining of stomach pain.

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