The Ego: Why You Need One But Imbalances To Watch Out For


Many teachers say that you should eliminate the ego in pursuit of a spiritual life. I disagree - the ego is as important as the soul in this three dimensional world. Why? Because it is our ego that gets us out of bed each morning, it is the aspect of ourselves that takes up the challenges in life, it is the ego self that spurs us on to do great things. Of course, an out-of-balance, overinflated ego can destroy us, and this is the reason why many teach the elimination of the ego as essential in the quest for self-realisation. However the ego is a vital component, along with the soul, of the complete identity that we are. We need an ego to survive and move forward in life.

However, the ego needs to be balanced by the soul, and the soul balanced by the ego. They are like yin and yang, brother and sister. With a healthy functioning ego, balanced by the soul, life can flow with a great deal more harmony and abundance.

The key is to understand the types of imbalances that can occur. Too much ego results in a selfish, self-centred individual who has little regard for their fellow man, one who would ride roughshod over others to further his or her own desires. We don’t need to look very far to see many such individuals residing around us. These individuals get trapped in greed and self-glory, usually at the expense of others.

On the other hand, too much soul results in an individual whose feet are never quite on the earth - their reality is in the clouds. These people often deny their ego self completely and live in equally imbalance as the over inflated ego personality. These are spiritual egos.

While an out of balance earthly ego is easy to recognise, a spiritual ego is more difficult to identify. Many however become trapped in spiritual ego; self proclaimed spiritual teachers often fall into this category.

The spiritual ego is the ego that develops when an individual begins a spiritual journey, attains a small amount of knowledge, then without the individual realising, start to believe that they know a lot more than they actually do. These people are often seen giving advice to others, and while they may be genuinely sincere in their beliefs, their advice can range from misleading to plain wrong. They big note themselves, deem themselves enlightened or/and believe they are receiving direct advice and messages from higher dimensions. They often pass this on to unfortunate seekers of truth who end up misinformed, believing imbalanced half-truths that do them no good at all.

A test, if you need to apply one, is to take look into the personal lives of these individuals. You will often find that they are giving you advice that they could do well to take themselves. Clairvoyants are often susceptible to this.

Last week, I met a lady who informed me that she spoke directly to a great master, who had given her messages to give to other people. Yet she was ill and spoke of her many personal problems. Perhaps she could have applied the “advice” given to her in her own life instead. Another dead give away for a spiritual ego imbalance are so called teachers who change their name to a more “spiritual” one. They may have once been Jane or Ruth or Ted and then become “swami” whosemibob. This is how a little knowledge is so dangerous - people trying to escape from who they are, to become who they want to be. They find that their given name is too hard to live with and choose (or are given) a name with a lighter and finer vibration. This takes them away from their challenges in life (these are reflections of their given or birth name). The ego will jump at the chance to have a different name, as the ego is champion at avoiding challenges and truth.

Understand that the ego will always defend and justify untruths in pursuit of a short cut or an easy path. But there is no easy path - there is simply a path, chosen by you, for you. This path carries hidden within it all the gifts and wisdom that you seek. Walk toward what lies in front of you and be aware of the intricate balance of the soul and the ego on your journey.

Happy traveling,