The Game Of Life


We begin, through choice, to enter The Game of Life.
We are born into the earth plane.
Our purpose is to learn and to come to know ourselves.
As we settle into life, we begin to forget who we really are and where we have come from.
By the time we reach 7, 8 years, most of us have completely forgotten who we are.
We begin to build an identity and this becomes who we think we are.
We continue to live and function with this developing identity.
Then one day something happens…
It may be something so small that we do not even notice it.
It may be something more profound: traumatic, a sickness, a death, an upheaval,
Something that shakes and rattles the self we have come to believe we are.
Then the questions arise...
Why am I not happy? Something is missing. Who am I?
We have begun to become disillusioned with The Game of Life.
We then begin to look beyond our beliefs, beyond the self we have become.
The questions continue...
We have begun the journey back to ourselves.
Little by little, we begin to awaken to who we truly are.
Things that we once thought of as coincidences occur with greater frequency.
Perhaps they were there all the time and we missed them.
They may take the form of quiet whispers, signs, messages,
That point us in new directions.
Our task is to pay attention.
New pathways open up to us.
We need to hold our faith and trust in the new ways.
These pathways will, if we allow them, take us to who we truly are.
We realise that we have gained knowledge and wisdom from The Game of life.
We find ourselves back at the place we once were.
We begin to understand ourselves.
We then realise that The Game of Life was necessary,
To help us discover who we really are.
We have come to know ourselves.

Peter Hoddle