The Importance Of Asking Questions

Quite some years ago, while I was living in the Philippines and studying healing with the famed psychic surgeon Terte, a young man called Ben came to visit this wonderful old healer.

”Do you have a question you would like to ask me?” Terte inquired.

“I haven’t had a question for 10 years,” replied Ben.

I sat there thinking what is wrong with this fellow! Here he is in the presence of the famous barehanded psychic surgeon, someone who does surgery with no instruments (Ben had just witnessed Terte operating on patients for three hours) and yet he didn’t have a question of this humble man, who could operate on the human body with his bare hands. I just didn’t get it.

“Are you sure?”  I asked, butting in (nowadays, in such a situation, I would keep my gob shut). “This is a wonderful opportunity.”

I didn’t add my true thoughts, which were “where are your brains, you fool? This guy knows a thing or two. Haven’t you been watching what he has just been doing?”

“No, I really don’t have a question and it feels so good,” Ben replied.

Much later in life, I have come to understand what went on that day. Ben had read something, or been told by some idiot, that all questions are irrelevant; that when you live in total truth and understanding of yourself and your place in the universe, there will be no need for questions, because then you will simply know. However, this state is true masterhood and Ben was in no way a master! When we reach that place, we don’t need to be in this three-dimensional world - we will have gone beyond it all. Ben, however, was still very much in this world.

Ben was stuck in his ego and as such, missed a wonderful moment in life where he could have learned something powerful.

The importance of having a questioning mind cannot be overstated. We live in a vast universe in which there are many mysteries to our human mind. One of the principals of this wonderful universe is ASK AND YOU WILL RECEIVE! This means when you ask questions, the answers will begin to come - maybe not always as you would like or expect, but they will come.

This is why I have created the Ask Peter page on my website - not because I think I have all the answers you might seek, but by asking, you begin a process which will lead you to answers and understanding. What I can offer you is many years of knowledge through learning and experience. I will give you my truth and perspectives on any question you have (perceivably big or small) - not for you to swallow and believe, but for you to consider.

Ben was a prime example of an ego running the show. Remember, your ego is comfortable where you are; it doesn’t want you to change or grow. Your ego will do everything to stay where you are. It’s your soul that wants you to change and grow.

Some people are happy to be where they are and others like those of you who are reading this, want to know how to go beyond. So don’t forget to ASK! You can start here.

Many blessings,