The Importance Of Stopping & How To Do It

At some point on your journey, you will need to stop; if you don’t, you will never discover who you truly are and you will miss out on the true peace /joy /love and contentment that you yearn for.

There are many reasons why people won’t stop. More often than not, this is because of a fear of what might happen when they do.

I have a close friend who only on one occasion in his life for a fleeting second felt joy, and was so terrified that he immediate closed the feeling down. WHY did he do that, I hear you ask? At some time in his history (either in this life or a past one), he knew joy and immediately on top of that joy, he had an experience of terror. This destroyed all future joy for him - he has since unconsciously associated joy with terror.

My friend needs to stop and investigate this; go within and unravel himself. But it’s a challenge he will only take when he is ready.

So are you ready to stop? It isn’t as easy as it might seem as the above example illustrates. And anyway how do you actually stop?

The first thing is to observe in yourself how busy you are. Most of us lead busy lives with no proper down time (and I am not talking about going to the pub). Some stop but can’t wind down; these people often immense themselves in other distracting activities, which usually makes them just as busy. The second and perhaps most important factor is how busy is your mind? Do you have one those minds that won’t shut up? Do you find that even if you manage to get the physically busy part sorted, you still find yourself captive to a chatterbox mind?

Perhaps if we divide people into categories, we will have some reference points to help us.

When I think of man (western man), I see four categories of people:

1.     This first group is made up of ego driven individuals that have no idea what is really going on. These individuals believe that this world we live in is real and it is the only world that there is. In short, these people are asleep to who they really are. This group forms the bulk of western people. Many of these people do have some religious belief, but most don’t integrate this into their everyday life - it is something quite separate. Most are controlled by the out-dated restricted and often just plain wrong dogma that surrounds religion.

2.    The second group know they are stuck in patterns but don’t know how to change themselves or are fearful of changing, for example those that believe “I cant change the way I am, I was born this way”. They are egos fearful of being something other than what they know.

3.    The third group know they need to change and really want to, yet nothing changes, despite the fact that they read lots of books and do self help courses. These people tell themselves and everyone who will listen that they have ‘grown’. These are ego deluded New-Agers.

4.    The fourth group are the ones who have learnt how to stop and truly look within. They discover their out-dated belief systems and find tools to release them so they can move on and really change. These are the ones who will contribute to a change on the earth.

Some tips to assist you in learning how to really stop:

1.    Have a desire to look within.
2.    Learn to pause between tasks in your day.
3.    Practise exploring the gaps between thoughts.
4.    Live in the present moment.
5.    Gather some tools/methods to assist you to deal with your emotional baggage.
6.    Learn to live from your truth.
7.    Honour yourself.
8.    Develop gratitude.
9.    Learn the art of truly listening.
10.   Give without thought of reward.
11.    Laugh a lot you (have to stop to laugh.)
12.    Live with passion.

Happy travelling and many blessings,