The Importance Of The Ego - Yes, You Need One

Long ago, I was taught (like many of you have been) that I should eliminate my ego and that once I had done this, I would be truly on the path to enlightenment.

Naturally, I set out to not just eliminate my ego, but to wipe it out completely.

For many years following, I lived under the illusion that I was chipping away at eliminating my ego, when actually (I later came to realise) all I was doing was suppressing it.

I had well known respected teachers and ‘gurus’ encouraging me: “you must stamp the ego out".

They all confirmed I was on the correct course to reach my goal of spiritual enlightenment.

My so-called teachers were wrong…

The truth is you need your ego in this world – it is a fundamental part of being a human. If you were to eliminate your ego completely, you would have no inclination to live, be incapable of survival and have zero personality/identity.

Without your ego, you would have no need to do anything. You would be blissfully linked to your soul and wouldn’t be able to relate to life in this three-dimensional existence whatsoever.

This applies to all of us.

Eventually, I discovered on my own accord that my ego was an important and essential part of me; it was what got me out of bed in the morning and into the work that I do.

As I gained even MORE knowledge, I discovered was that it was actually nearly IMPOSSIBLE to eliminate the ego, with two exceptions:

1.    When you are dead and have left the planet, you leave your ego behind.
2.    When you are in a deep state of meditation, you will be free of your ego.

Therefore, my advice is simple: forget about eliminating your ego – you need it. But you must find its balance with your soul.

What I believe we need to do is master our egos and be in control of them. If we are not in control of our egos, they will control us.

If your ego dominates you, you will quickly become trapped in a narrow world, all about you, with no room for anyone else. Your happiness (if you have it) will be a mere illusion. We see many examples around the world of egos running amuck. These ego driven individuals will eventually come crashing down, usually after they have destroyed and damaged themselves and others.

So how do we become masters of our ego?

1.    Start studying the metaphysical aspect of yourself.
2.    Stop judging others - this is an ego practice.
3.    Learn to follow your truth, for it will set you free.
4.    Practice meditation and come to experience your soul energy.
5.    Become the observer of your reactive (ego) self.
6.    Practise giving without thought of reward.
7.    Learn to receive with gratitude.
8.    Be happy and smile a lot from your heart for no good reason.
9.    Embrace life.
10.  Be humble.

Above all else, realise that there is a balance between your soul and your ego, and that once you achieve this balance, your life will truly be whole.

Many blessings,