The Keys To Abundance


1. Understand lack is the opposite of abundance

Most people live in lack. Lack covers many things: lack of money, lack of material possessions, lack of happiness, lack of friends, lack of love, lack of a job that honours them, lack of someone who understands them, as a few examples.

Some have abundance in some areas and a lack in others, for an abundance of money but no love or happiness makes for an empty life. These people have learned an aspect of lack.

The conditioning around lack we carry has developed over time from the programs, people and situations we have been exposed to. It may come from parents, grandparents, society, culture, teachers, peers, siblings and past lifetimes; in fact anything that we have been exposed to in our history.

These imprints, which evolve into our personal beliefs, build our internal programs; our wiring for thought (both conscious and unconscious) is born from these controls and creates our reality.

I can remember as a young man, when I was in pursuit of the meaning of life, my father saying to me, “that stuff is not for us regular blokes.” A good example of how my father's conditioning had built his belief system.

2. Understand we have to know how abundance feels in order to attract it

Those who are programmed for lack have no idea about what its opposite - abundance - is. How can we know what something is if we haven’t experienced it? Those full of lack have no space for abundance. They don’t know what it is, they don’t vibrate abundance, therefore can’t attract it.

Have you ever experienced a run of 'good luck'? When you can’t do anything wrong, whatever you touch works? Conversely, how when your ‘luck’ is down 'bad luck' seems to follow you? When something good or bad begins to happen, a sense of belief begins to develop and this thought attracts more of the same. You attract what you vibrate. And what you vibrate is what you believe you deserve.

If you are not attracting what you want, you need to sort out your lack of self-worth and where this stems from.

3. We cannot have what we don’t understand

Three things need to happen it order for abundance to come and stay in our lives:

 - Create space for abundance

If we are full of lack, we have no space for abundance. We have to look into lack, see how it has served us, for everything serves us in some way. Once you can see how lack has served you, thank 'lack' and its lesson for all it has done for you. Advise it that it no longer serves you, that it can go and serve another, someone who seeks the lessons that it holds.

 - Invite abundance into your life

Now that you have space for abundance, invite it into the space left when lack departed. Get the feel for abundance by spending time with those who have it in the area that you seek it, ie, if you seek wealth, go to expensive places (even if you can only afford a cup of coffee), ’rub shoulders' with those who have great wealth, pick up on how such people vibrate (they vibrate the belief that it is simply what they deserve.) There is a story about a wealthy English lord who gave away his fortune, he went to a foreign country to live with $10 in his pocket. Within 12 months he was a multi-millionaire again. He had a wealth vibration in his being and knew how it felt to have wealth so his vibration drew it back to him.

-  Show gratitude to the Universe for having abundance

How often do you hear people crying over what they once had but have lost? Without gratitude your newly acquired abundance cannot stay and gratitude can only come if you have fully experienced lack. Abundance and lack are brother and sister - you can only know each of them because you have known the other. To all of those reading this who are in lack, know your next step is into abundance.

Ponder on the above, go into it deeply and you will learn to step out of the victim status of lack and be able to embrace the freedom status of abundance.