The New Way: The Truth Is Within


When Jesus arrived 2000 years ago, he brought The Way. “I am The Way…” he said. He came to show The Way. He had become an awakened being and the vibration of his enlightened being formed a pathway through which those who followed could pass; it became possible for those who believed in him to become awakened. Thus, the many followers of Jesus then became followers of The Way.

Jesus was born at the beginning of the Piscean age, the age of the fish. The fish symbolised being fed with spiritual food. This is what Jesus and other teachers did - they taught using the purity of their vibration to pass on their message. Jesus also said, “I have not come to bring peace, I have come to bring the sword.” The sword symbolises the truth. Down through the ages, we have been taught that the truth shall set us free. This still applies today - the truth is and always will be what sets mankind free from the bondage of ‘ego’. Without discovering and living truth, we cannot hope to attain peace. As an awakened being Jesus, knew this.

The prelude to the changing from this Piscean Age was the dawning of the age of Aquarius, which began in the ‘60s. This era was characterised by real change and upheaval of the established order. In order for the new to come in, the old had to be broken down - and it was. A social conscience was born. People became much more aware of what they wanted for themselves and were no longer satisfied with what they were given. This of course could veer into selfishness and for some it became 'all about me'. But in order to move toward The New Way to come, the group consciousness of the Piscean era had to be broken down.

As we passed into the year 2000, the world entered into a new era, which would operate with a new set of rules. It would no longer be appropriate to find the truth outside of us. Now people had to go within to find their truth. 

This is the start of the actual Age of Aquarius, the age of the water bearer. Water represents the spirit which resides within us all. And in this age, we all have the tools to find our own Way within. Water also represents the spirit; our bodies are largely made up of water, hence we are magnets for spirit. The outer is attracted to the inner, and visa versa.

This shift and turning point onto the path of The New Way means it is now no longer appropriate to seek wisdom from teachers. It is no longer relevant to seek places of seclusion, away from the world (we can, however, and should use the stillness of nature to assist to harmonise our being to help us reconnect with our centre). The old ways of silent retreats, ongoing ceremonies, sweat lodges and the rituals of old are no longer relevant to The New Way of learnings.

The New Way requires us to relate to life by interacting and actively participating in life. Those around us have become our teachers, guides and gurus. We learn from these interactions and our greatest teachers become those that mirror how we are. When we find ourselves overreacting to another, the very thing we see in them will be rising from within us, and this is what we need to address. The person who we find the greatest challenge shows us what it is we most need to address within ourselves. The old Way was to try to love the one that hurt or aggravated us, or move away from them if we couldn’t deal with what we thought was in them but we actually in us.

Now we simply need to ask - of ourselves - what is the message here for me?

For 2000 years during the Piscean Age, we went outward to find what we were searching for. We went to church, to temples, to sacred places, to teachers - wherever we felt we could gain access to the divine wisdom, and many did find their way. Many others are still caught in this old Way, stuck in the security of the past.

Human consciousness has evolved and gone through great change to get to this point in history. Now we all have a direct line to the truth, and we don’t need the wisdom of others (even though we may still receive help from them). Know that the path to truth is inside each and every one of us.

You only need to go within!