The Power Of Being Present


Many people are anchored to their past, caught in old emotional patterns that they have been unable to become free from. 

My dear old Dad would say, “the past is gone, Son.” And if he were here today I would say, “yes, it has Dad, but the emotion we experienced in our past often still lives within us.”

Because we store this old emotional energy within our being, it can interfere and even dictate our decisions and actions. Indeed, it can contaminate us. All of this means it stops us from being able to be present.

People anchored to their unresolved past will often project themselves into the future, fantasising that the future will be better, to get away from the uncomfortable feeling that they carry within - a feeling that had its origin in their past.

These people have enormous difficulty being present because of this.

As a result, those affected often use distractions in their life to avoid feeling like they do: drink, drugs, food, endless activity, too much exercise, not enough exercise. Anything that will take them away from their present feeling. Because once they stop, the embedded issues from their unresolved past will surface and rattle them.

The problem with all this is that when we are not present, our power to manifest and create is weak; our lives can end up muddling along and go nowhere.

When we are completely in the present, the power we all inherently have within us becomes an immense force to create.

Here are a couple of small examples of how this can work:

We have several horses and at the moment there is shortage of feed, due to the drought in Australia. At present, most of the feed in our area is being shipped to the drought-affected farmers, leaving a shortage for us locals.

My wife managed to source some horse hay but in order to get it, we had to pick it up from another town a half hour drive away at a specific time the next morning. I looked at my appointment book… my day was packed full with appointments. 

I focused, centred myself and put out the thought that I needed to get this feed for the horses. I felt an energy go out from me like an arrow. 

Within 10 minutes, every person booked in my appointment book for that morning called and cancelled their appointments. I was free to go and collect the horse feed. 

That is the power of being present.

Another example from Kate who visited me recently.

Kate was parked outside of a vet surgery, drinking a coffee, when suddenly the door of the vet clinic opened and a little dog came racing out onto a busy road. In pursuit of it came the vet and the dog’s owner, soon joined by others all chasing the terrified little dog.

Kate (an animal lover) sits quietly. Huge compassion arises within her for the little dog. She can see the growing crowd of concerned chasers were creating even more fear in it. 

Kate centres herself brings herself into the moment. She feels a band of energy stretch from her to the little dog.

After a few moments, the dog walks right up to Kate’s car door. It sits down wagging his/her tail and then leaps up onto Kate’s lap, safe at last. 

Again, the power of being present.

These examples show what actually happens when we become fully present. The moment is all that really is. The past is done, the future isn’t here; it is yet to come. The only thing that exists is the ‘now’, the moment, the PRESENT. 

Once we find our way to the present, we can truly create our life.

The message here is this: sort out what anchors you in your past. If necessary, get some help from an appropriate therapist. Pull up the anchors and then all you have to do is practice and get used to the feeling of being in the moment, embrace it and LIVE.

Welcome to the present.