The Power Of Prayer & Tips For How To Pray


When someone asked me to write a blog on the power of prayer, I realised that I had only ever used prayer properly when I have been in crisis situations:

- When I was stuck in the Himalayan Mountains with weeks of low cloud and no flights in or out, my prayer lifted the mist for just enough time to get my plane in and out.

- When I was in my early ‘20s and lost, frightened and bewildered in India, prayer brought to me a wonderful being who saved my bacon.

- When I was in desperation after a heart operation and my pain levels were at 9 out of a possible 10, my prayer brought the pain down to a level 3 which was much more manageable.

During all of these occasions, prayer instantly changed situations and ‘saved me’.

My absolute belief in the power and effectiveness of prayer has been well and truly established by situations such as these in my life.

However, while I have recounted these and other similar situations in the workshops that we do, I only now realise I have never sat down and tried to express what prayer actually is.

As a child, I was puzzled about what prayer was. The prayer that I saw in church (not that I was there much) didn’t seem quite right: people kneeling with their heads bowed, listening to the ramblings of a minister who seemed to be more intent on making it to the cream cakes at afternoon tea. It didn’t seem quite right.

Then there was the time I made a pact with God, when my parents left myself, my brother and sister with Granny for the night; I told God I would be good if he promised to bring my parents safely back to collect us (I had an extreme fear that they would be killed and I would be left as an orphan. I didn’t know about past lifetimes then but looking back, I must have been dragging a past life memory into this life for the fear was quite irrational).

In short, my childhood gave me little perspective at all about what prayer really was and the power of it.

I have since realised that it is not possible to explain prayer within in a mind framework, as prayer is beyond mental understanding.

However, I will attempt to express what I believe prayer to be and give some tips to follow for when we pray.

Simply, I believe prayer to be the most powerful tool we as individuals have on this planet. It can, and does, change situations in an instant.

Here are some pointers that you may find helpful in your quest to understand prayer.

  1. Prayer is a request to the Universe/God for help. For prayer to be effective, you must sincerely desire and need the help you are requesting.

  2. Adopt the prayer position, The Council Of 12 advises. Kneel on the floor and place your elbows on the bed, hands in the prayer position and head bowed, as a child would. This puts you in a humble position and takes your ego self out of the picture. The Council Of 12 says this is the most powerful position to pray from.

  3. Prayer is as much about receiving as it is about asking - you need to believe that you deserve what you are asking for. I remember reading about another writer’s visit to the higher realms where he describes brilliant beams of purple light passing through the path he was walking along. When he asked his guide to explain the beautiful beams, his guide said that they were the prayers of people sincerely praying for help but they were left suspended in the ether because those who asked didn’t believe that they deserved what they were asking for, therefore they hadn’t received the gift that awaited them. How many times have you heard people say that they prayed but nothing happened?

  4. Don’t ask for unimportant things like the park closest to the entrance in the shopping centre (remember those parks are reserved for disabled people – think about what you are attracting to yourself by asking for those). Only ask in your prayer for things that are important to your life.

  5. Add to the end of your prayer "May this only occur if it is for my greatest highest good.” 

  6. Remember prayer is a communion with the Universe and you are part of the Universe, so therefore what you ask for in prayer is actually your birthright.

  7. Pray with a lightness of being. It is an opportunity to feel the beauty and wonder of all things.