The Pulse Of Your Soul


A brief and wonderful recent story I wanted to share with you…

Cheryl arrived at my office recently, and I asked her how I could help.

 “I need more understanding of myself and a deeper peace,” she said. I placed her in the therapy chair and guided her into deeply relaxed state.

I asked Cheryl to focus on her heart and to enter into it. A few moments passed.

“How does it feel being inside your heart?” I asked.

“I don’t feel safe, I am frightened. I feel like I am putting the brakes on,” she replied, lifting up her arms in a braking motion.

I guided Cheryl deeper, taking her beyond her heart.

“Find the light within you,” I said. She was quiet for a while.

“Where are you Cheryl?” I asked.

“I am standing before this brilliant white light,” she answered. Her face was glowing.

“Can you describe the light?” I asked.

“It’s such a beautiful feeling. Now I am standing in the light. There are beautiful waves coming from what seems to be the centre, yet the light has no centre,” Cheryl said.

“Where do the waves go?” I asked.

“They flow to my heart, but they become distorted and depleted and their beauty is lost,” she said. ”They are all jagged and they seem to dissolve.”

“What is causing the waves to lose their power and beauty?” I asked.

“My fear. It’s my fear that blocks and interferes with the beautiful light,” Cheryl replied.

“Where does your fear come from?” I asked.

She was silent for a long while.

“I have gone back to when my marriage broke up,” Cheryl said. “I was alone and frightened. I lost all confidence in myself, I felt worthless and full of fear to face life alone.”

“Is your fear still relevant to you today?” I asked. Once more Cheryl was silent.

“I don’t need the fear anymore. I have found something within that supports me,” she said.

“Well try letting go of the fear,” I said. “Send it back into the Universe for someone else who needs the lessons that energy holds.”

Cheryl became very still and was silent for a few moments.

“It’s gone,” she said. “The fear has gone. I am free now.”

Her face had lightened with a serene smile.

“Now move toward the light of your soul and tell me what is happening to those waves,” I requested.

“The waves are flowing to my heart and travelling all over my body. I feel fantastic. Everything is changing,” she said, delightedly.

Cheryl’s energy spread through the room.

In those moments, during that short session, Cheryl’s life changed forever in the most wonderful way. Once she realised she no longer needed the fear she LET GO and everything changed.

This is how true healing works. Our soul self always emanates the most wonderful healing energy. This vibration is ‘beamed’ to us every moment of our life. In order to receive it, we need to let go of the emotion that filters and blocks the beautiful healing waves.

To do this, we need to look deeply into our being and truly see, learn, understand and then LET GO and embrace the light of our soul as Cheryl did that one afternoon in my office.

You too can LET GO and be who you really are.


Many blessings,