The Road To Avalon - Meditation & New Workshop Announced

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Avalon was the mystical island in the King Arthur legend. It was the sacred place where the Priestess and her novices lived and studied, the place where Arthur and Merlin went to find the wisdom to guide their people. A place of peace and harmony, away from the discord of the world.

There are other such spiritual places recorded down through history. Shambala was reportedly a civilisation of peace and wisdom located deep in Tibet, surrounded by snow capped peaks, invisible to all but a select few. Agartha was, reputedly, a sub terrain city underneath the earth, also in the Tibetan region. One day, legend says, Agartha will rise to the surface and be able to be seen and experienced by all. These are said to be places of inner peace and all who dwell in such places live in harmony and bliss. There have been reports recorded of explorers entering these places and experiencing exalted states of consciousness while there. These places are hidden and only certain individuals, it is said, can access them. They are the stuff of legend but some are adamant that they do in fact exist.

However I believe it is debatable whether these are physical places or simply levels of consciousness. Deep thinkers agree that, whether they are physical places or levels of consciousness, they can only that be accessed by those who seek a deeper understanding of themselves.

I personally don't believe that these places exist in physical matter, as I believe the purpose of life on earth is not to live in bliss but to discover ourselves. To do that we actually need a challenging, discordant world, like we have, in which to do this. In my view paradise exists but I don't believe it can be found on earth. It is, I believe, a state of consciousness. While we can find moments of bliss in this 3 dimensional world, we cannot hold these states until we reach masterhood of our own inner world.

During the ‘60s and ‘70s, many of my generation believed we could create paradise on earth. We felt we could live a life of peace simply by getting away from the chaos of “the world”. Although it took us a long while, we came to the realisation that the chaos was in all who walked the earth, except for those who had attained masterhood. Therefore we ourselves were in fact bringing this discord into our communities and disturbing our newly discovered 'peace'.

Peace, I was to discover, had to come from within each one of us, before we could find it in the world. It is impossible to have it around us in the world, until we have it within ourselves.

In the western world ,holidays are chance to find a happier more contented space a rest from the challenges around us, but there is a point where the holiday must end and we are back to ‘reality’. Many of us hang out all year waiting for our holidays to lift us from the mediocrity. However we soon discover that we cannot run away from ourselves - we take US with us. Perhaps our key lies in facing ourselves and learning from the blocked emotions we carry with us. As we clear our embedded issues that longed for peace and harmony comes, in fleeting moments at first but bit by bit as the issues clear, we begin to find ourselves standing in front of our true selves and knowing ourselves for the first time.

During a recent meditation I was guided to a place that took on the form of Avalon. Here is an account of that meditation. You may find it helps you as it did me.

I entered the silence….

I soon found myself walking down a long a path, amongst tall trees, the path was broad and sloped down an incline. I could see a clearing up ahead and noticed the back of a monk sitting in meditation. As I came up to the clearing, I hesitated not wanting to disturb the holy man.
He turned and looked deeply into my being.

”Will you join me?” he asked quietly.

I sat beside him feeling honoured at being asked. He pointed at a thick fog lying over a large lake, which lay before us.

“That’s the clutter of your mind,” he said quietly. “Would you like to see with greater clarity?”

“Yes please” I replied.

“All you have to do is to hold the intent of needing to see with greater clarity and together we can lift the mist,” my guide continued.

We entered the silence together, after a few moments I opened my eyes to see the lift rising revealing a expansive lake, with an island right in the middle of it. The lake looked like a vast sheet of glass. It drew my mind into expanse.

I felt a tap on my shoulder…

“Come” he said. We walked together down to the waters edge. A boatman stood silent, his long boat resting at the waters edge. We got quietly into his boat, in silence the boatman gently poled us across to the island.

The silence was deafening….

I felt the bump as our boat touched the sand. We stepped out, turned and watched as our boatman pushed off. My guide and I began to walk up a winding staircase that lead to the top of a big hill. Once we had reached the top we stood before a large round structure, with windows all around it.
A door was opened by youthful looking priestess. She silently ushered the two of us into a large round room, once inside the space appeared to expand, it became massive.

In the centre was a round table around with a number wise looking beings sitting around it.

“Look around” their collective voice spoke. ”Can you see clearly now?”

I turned slowly around taking in the wonderful view. I could indeed see clearly.

“Sit with us and contemplate seeing clearly,” my hosts said quietly.

We sat in the silence, which was greatly enhanced by the presence of the wise ones.

I found myself looking into my life, it as if I had different eyes. I could see that all things were as they were, simply as a result of the way I perceived them. If I changed my perception, then thesituation began to change and so did the outcome….
I could clearly see that mind was the builder, the creator and/or the destroyer. How life manifests depended on the way I viewed it. There really was no good or bad - everything was an opportunity to see, to understand and to know. Wisdom came from seeing and knowing.

I opened my eyes to the smiles of my wise friends, there was no need for words.

In that moment, they knew I knew.

This meditative experience touched me so profoundly that I felt I should form a workshop around it. For those of you who feel drawn to experience your own Avalon, please feel free to contact me on 07) 5485 0955 to reserve your spot.

WORKSHOP: The Road to Avalon.
DATES: Weekend Sat Dec 12 & Sun Dec 13 2015

Blessings to you all.