The Road To Avalon Workshop Announced For April 2016 - Book Now

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I conducted the very first The Road To Avalon workshop on December 2015. 13 women attended, no men. It worked so well in this format, that it will now be a workshop exclusively for women

The Road to Avalon is all about the high priestess that lies within all females, and assisting those who attend to connect with their inner priestess, as well as the feminine helpers surrounding them.

Through the course of the weekend, we will take you to your own inner Avalon - once a mystical place from the days of King Arthur, now a place of peace and powerful energy within each of you.

As women, many of you will have felt disempowered at times by the male energy on this planet. You will know that you cannot regain this power in outer ways; it must be reclaimed from going within.

Once you have done this, you will regain and walk in your very own power. That's when all things become possible.

This workshop will assist you to do all of this, so if you feel the inner urge, I invite you to join us for a life transforming weekend on Saturday April 9 & Sunday April 10.

For bookings or further information, please call the office on 07) 5485 0955.

The Road To Avalon Workshop

Saturday April 9 & Sunday April 10, 2016

Pomona, Queensland