The Sight: Developing The Sixth Sense Weekend Workshop March 11 & 12


What each of us need the most on our spiritual journey is guidance. Guidance comes in may forms, and as with any journey, some direction and guidance is essential, otherwise we will get lost.

Guidance can come in many forms: lessons in various guises, signs, books, ancient teachings, spiritual teachers, workshops, group interaction in various forms with strangers and loved ones. But the most important form of guidance comes from within ourselves.

Spiritual teachers throughout the ages have said “go within!” to their students and anyone who aspired to develop and move from an ego dominated consciousness to one guided by their soul (the ego being the earthly self, the soul being the divine self, our true nature).

Once we learn to go within, we have access to the wisdom and knowledge of the Universe, for the link between our every day earthly self and that wisdom is accessed by using our intuitive sight.

In past times, this intuitive ability was called ’The Sight’. It was often said certain people were born with The Sight. Usually referred to as prophets or seer's or shaman, they were wise men and women who had the gift of knowing; they could look at a person or a situation and see beneath the surface and know the outcome of that situation.

I believe that we are all born with some intuitive sight. We have all had the experience of thinking of someone and the phone ringing and the person we were thinking of is on the other end. Nearly all of us could list a number of similar experiences throughout our lives.

This is a simple example of The Sight - or our sixth sense, or intuitive self, or psychic self - and it can be developed and strengthened. The greatest benefit of this is to help us navigate our way through our spiritual journey. It simply helps us find our way in life and, lets face it, life can at times be a tremendous challenge - couldn’t we can all do with all the help that we can get?

For those of you who wish to develop your intuitive self , I have developed a two-day weekend workshop called 'The Sight: Developing The Sixth Sense' to assist with this. I have spent almost 50 years studying this subject and ‘going within' to access the inner wisdom. Along the way, I have learned a great deal and found many techniques to assist with this process. I will share and teach these processes with those who attend this workshop and help you to develop your own intuitive abilities.

’The Sight: Developing The Sixth Sense’ workshop will be on the weekend of Saturday March 11 and Sunday March 12, 2017, at our beautiful workshop venue in Pomona on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

For bookings, please feel free to contact me on 07 5485 0955 during business hours or for further information, read more about the workshop here.