The Soul And The Ego 2015 Workshops Start May - Book Now


For the many of you that have enquired, I'm pleased to confirm that the new series of The Soul and The Ego workshops will start on Saturday May 9 & Sunday May 10 2015. This will be the seventh series of these workshops.

These workshops were given to Peter D (my co facilitator) and myself over seven years ago. At the time, the Council of 12 said that these workshops have within them all the tools necessary for people to live life as it should be lived: to learn, to grow, to deepen the understanding of ourselves and to find our place in life. They have said that the Soul and Ego workshops are unique to our planet.

The five 2-day workshops are spaced eight weeks apart; the spacing is to allow the participants to integrate and understand the previous workshop and then to be ready for the next one. Once people complete these workshops they are looking for more in life. They are not feel good workshops; they can be challenging, as they tend to expose you to the inner parts of yourself that you have hidden from yourself.

With each series, these workshops grow and evolve and we the presenters grow and evolve. Those who have repeated the series of workshops all say they are like different workshops the next time around; this is because they have grown and shifted their perspectives and draw on different knowledge and understanding from repeating the series. One person is on her third series (and no, its not that she has to repeat because she doesn’t get it). She says the workshops bring her back on track and each has given her a different dimension of herself. She sees herself doing more series in the future, if her life situation allows, because they help her continue to grow and learn about herself.

These workshops will draw you to them, if you are meant to come. The Council of 12 have said that only those that they invite will find their way to these courses.

So if you are grabbed by reading this or find that they keep coming into your mind, even if you try and push them away, my advice is follow the call and come.

Read further details on The Soul and Ego workshops and check out how they have changed the lives of participants that have done them so far. If you have further questions, please get in touch.