The Soul And The Ego Workshops 2017: Starts February 11 & 12

I am pleased to confirm that the 2017 series of The Soul and The Ego workshops will start on Saturday, February 11 & Sunday February 12, with bookings now available for those that are interested in participating this year.

If you seek a deeper understanding of yourself, these workshops will help profoundly, giving you a tangible set of life tools to move forward with clarity as well as help unravel the emotional baggage you may consciously or unconsciously drag with you. They will give you a wisdom and a knowledge of yourself that will change the way you live. Life will begin to make sense and you will come to know - TRULY know - who you really are.

For those of you unfamiliar with this workshop series, here is the background on they came to be...

About 12 years ago, I began presenting a series of teachings, now known as The Soul And The Ego workshop series.

This is the short story of the sequence of events that brought them into being.

20 years ago a man, also a Peter (Peter D he is now known as) came to see me for a consultation in my capacity as a hypnotherapist. He said he had a major anger problem.

He looked bewildered when he walked into my rooms. He clearly did not want to be there.

Little did either of us realise the great change our connection was to have on both us and on many others.

He said that he was desperate for some help and that he had gone to a local clairvoyant who had referred him to me. "Go and see Peter Hoddle,” she said. “He will be able to help you. He is just around the corner.”

”You have an issue with your father from when you were 9 years old. This is where your great rage and depression stems from,” the clairvoyant told him.

That was about all she had said. Peter paid and left feeling a bit ripped off.

Peter had little idea what hypnotherapy involved. I explained to him that once a person was in an altered state (under hypnosis), it was possible for that person to understand where their current problems stemmed from. I also explained that since most issues had origins in the past, it was quite probable that something that had actually occurred when he was 9 years old that would explain his current situation.

 “How would knowing this change anything?” he asked.

“Once a traumatic memory is uncovered, the emotional content of that experience begins to release. Once this has occurred, it is possible that your problems will have healed,” I explained.

He agreed to have the therapy and we began.

Within 30 seconds, Peter D began to slip into a trance state (this was extremely quick). His body began to twist and turn quite violently. He began to moan, his face became distorted. I could see that he was in a great deal of distress.

Peter D began to relive a previous lifetime as a crippled boy of 9 years old. He was so restricted in his body, he couldn’t walk, couldn't speak; all he could do was make sounds. In fact, as his story unfolded, we found that this boy’s restriction was so great that he couldn’t do a single thing for himself.

The clairvoyant had got it partially right. He did have a major issue with his father, but not the father of his current life as the clairvoyant had thought; it was the father from a previous incarnation. The father in that life hated his son so much because the shame his disability brought to him. He used to beat him, call him a cretin and generally abuse him. For Peter D, it was a life of pain, humiliation and total restriction.

Peter left that day, still feeling bewildered.

It was some weeks before I saw him again.

Over the following months and years we continued with Peter’s regression therapy. His anger slowly began to subside, until one day about five years later, it was gone.

We had uncovered many lifetimes, all dovetailing into each other. We discovered why he had found himself in that lifetime of restriction, as the nine year old boy. There was another life where he had been the one restricting another being. The life we first uncovered was the result of this previous lifetime.

One day, we had a session that was to change the lives of both of us.

I had placed Peter into deep trance. He had become much more comfortable with the process and in fact I was able to let him navigate himself with only a little guidance from me.

“I am in a different place," he informed me. “It’s a huge cavern. There are a number of others here.”

“Who are they?” I enquired.

“They look like monks,” Peter D said. “They say that they are The Council of 12."

“Who are The Council of 12?” I asked.

“I don’t know?” replied a confused Peter.

“Ask them,” I suggested. This what they replied:

“We are 12 beings whose sole purpose is to assist mankind,” the collective voice of the 12 elders informed us.

I had many questions of these 12 beings, and over that session and subsequent sessions we learned a great deal. These beings had wisdom and knowledge way beyond any source I had previously encountered.

I had been conducting workshops for many years and as the result of a question I asked, about wanting to do more workshops, the Council of 12 replied:

"We will give you a series of five workshops to present to those that will come. They must be done in sequence, one every 8 weeks. These workshops will be unique to your planet. They hold the tools that will enable people manage their lives. In fact, this process will help people to discover who they are, and show them how their chosen circumstances are perfect for their learning."

From that point on, we (Peter D and myself) began to conduct these workshops as we were directed. They have evolved and become more refined since our earlier days.

The hundreds of participants who have attended this workshop  (in its present and earlier formats) have changed themselves and their lives in remarkable ways. The wisdom of the 12 is presented through the forum of these workshops and this is made available to those who come.

“Only those whom we invite will feel the pull to attend,” the 12 have told us.

The next The Soul & The Ego workshop series begins on the weekend of Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 February, 2017, at our beautiful custom built workshop centre in Pomona, QLD.

For those of you who feel drawn to book in, or are interested in finding out more about this workshop series and its teachings, I encourage GO WITH IT and get in contact.  As per above, though you may not be aware of it yet, those of you that will attend are already booked in on an energetic level and a part of the group.

Spaces are limited, so call with any questions or to confirm your place by phoning my office on 07 5485 0955.

To read more about The Soul and The Ego workshop series and course structure, click here.

Workshop testimonials:

“Sometimes a passing remark can change our life.

Such a remark was made to me.

’You should go to one of Peter Hoddle’s workshops where you can ask questions of the spiritual entities that call themselves The 12 Elders.’

At that time, I was dying from inoperable bowel cancer.

The 12 Elders’ words of wisdom and truth, Peter’s professional help and my own commitment to facing the truth about myself, has given me a new life of health.

Along with health, what also has presented itself to me is that healing lies in our realisation that mind is not a power. Mind is an avenue of awareness. If we are prepared to open our minds, our lives will become much easier as the bigger picture of our lives unfolds, and we learn that there is no good nor evil - there just is.”

— Malcolm

“These workshops are a way of life. If you can open up and surrender to the messages you receive from within yourself, from the 12 Elders (The Council Of 12), from the two Peters and the others in your group, your life WILL change. I have felt confronted, belonging, loneliness, centredness and had realisations I never even dreamed of! The change does not start on the Saturday morning and finish Sunday afternoon; if you surrender to it, it will permeate your whole life. Things change. Things shift. If this is what you want in life, the Soul & Ego workshops are the workshops for you.”

— Erica

“The Soul & Ego workshops have provided me with the tools and knowledge to connect with my true self. I have learnt and experienced that I am not my body, I am not my mind. I am far more: I am spirit, energy unlimited. As I am experiencing more of my spirit, I’m finding a greater beauty, strength, love and confidence and a lightness to life. I can now see how my ego performs and has been playing out my life. But now, as I’m learning to hear my inner whispers, I have choice; there is excitement and ease unfolding in my life.”

— Vicki

“Attending the Soul & Ego workshops has enabled me turned my life around. They have helped me to realise that I am the only person holding me back from a happy and fulfilling life. I have discovered that because I haven’t dealt with issues from my past, I am still holding onto them and this is stopping me from moving forward. I have finally been able to start dealing with these issues, be grateful that they occurred and move forward.

I really enjoy the meditations and have put them onto my iPhone so that I can listen to them at any time. I have found that I am now able to deal with challenging situations in a more positive manner and am focusing on a more positive life for myself. To me, each workshop weekend is like a mini holiday as I get to spend the weekend with a group of like-minded people, in an atmosphere that is very friendly, comfortable and relaxing and the venue is extremely peaceful.

Thanks to the workshops, I have become a happier person. Not only do I believe in myself but I am also putting myself first, for the first time in my life. Words cannot thank you enough Peter.”

— Marie

“I recently completed The Soul and Ego series of workshops, having changed groups a number of times to accommodate hospitalisation and medical treatment for an aggressive form of leukaemia I was diagnosed with a couple of years ago.

Whilst the medical care I’ve been given has been fantastic, I have no doubt that the insights and skills I took away from the workshops have played a major role in my amazing recovery to this point.

Logical and analytical by nature, my view of the world was turned upside down after the first weekend workshop. I realised that character traits which I had previously thought defined me in an honourable light were nothing of the sort. And so it continued through the series with many long standing views being challenged and re-shaped in illuminating positive ways.

I would recommend the Soul and Ego workshops to anyone who wants a better life and who is prepared to look honestly at themselves and embrace personal change.

I am not the person I was at the beginning and different from whom I will be next year, but that is the point. Thanks again Peter and Peter (and fellow participants).”

— Dave

“I was ready to walk out on my marriage, if only I had the courage. I felt unsupported, unappreciated, used and violated; my self worth was non-existent and I had such a sadness imbedded deep in my heart. I had lost my power and didn’t know how to regain it.

I was blessed to be given the opportunity to attend The Soul and The Ego Workshop series presented by Peter Hoddle and guided by The Council of 12. It was a life changing experience for me. It brought up situations and emotions from past and present that I had no idea had affected me and shaped me into the person that I had become.

These workshops are emotionally challenging and confronting. You share your inner truths with what starts out as a small group of complete strangers (but soon become good friends), and you come out the other side with a new awareness and understanding of yourself.

I now take responsibility for all that I am and all that I want to be - I am the creator of my own destiny!

I have stopped being the victim, I have regained my power and am now a student of life.

My husband is now doing the workshops and the changes in him are truly amazing.


I can’t wait for the follow up workshops…”

— Vonnie

"Peter’s workshops are particularly powerful. Everyone needs to experience the wisdom of ‘The Elders/The Council Of 12’. I know of no other gathering that is so personal, that facilitates through a very wise and special man, an individual connection to a pure energy.

Imagine being able to ask YOUR question about YOUR issues and receiving an answer that comes without discord, with no human ego attached. As well as connecting with like-minded souls in a nurturing, loving atmosphere, this is what you get...this is the real deal!”

— Jan

Sheer brilliance, amazing, insightful!

I stumbled across this course in a twist of fate, as I had flown to QLD for another course. In doing so, I had the privilege of meeting Peter Hoddle.

Having had a couple of private sessions with him, he mentioned The Soul & The Ego workshops. At first I discarded the idea, as I live in Melbourne and it seemed a bit of an effort to attend every eight weeks.

On arrival back home, I had a change of mind and called up to attend the workshop. THANK GOD I DID! It was life changing. The knowledge and wisdom from both Peter H and Peter D is a precious gift not to be taken for granted.

I refer to my journal daily for inspiration and guidance and see life through my new vision!

I’m eternally grateful to have met the Council of 12 (the Elders) and had the gift of messages from them to guide me in all aspects of my life.

We started the workshop as a group of strangers and ended as a group of friends.

This workshop will enrich your life!

Thanks and blessings Peter, looking forward to our follow up course.”

— Christine