The Soul and The Ego Workshops 2016 Dates Announced - Book Now


I am pleased to announce that next series of The Soul and The Ego personal development workshops is confirmed for 2016, starting on the weekend of Saturday April 16 and Sunday April 17.

With eight series held over the last six years at our workshop space in Pomona on the Sunshine Coast (two hours north of Brisbane), these very special workshops continue to flourish and develop in their remarkable teachings to us all.

If you have read the testimonials page or spoken with any past participants, you will understand why so many of those who have attended have had their lives transformed by these workshops, which are completely unique anywhere in this world.

For those of you learning about these workshops for the first time, the teachings and structure for the course was given to us by The Council of 12- a group of enlightened higher beings - eight years ago. You can read more about The Council of 12 here.  

These five 2-day workshops have within them all the tools necessary for people to live life as it should be lived: to learn, to grow, to deepen the understanding of ourselves and to find our place in life.

The 12 designed the course in a very specific sequence (see below), to ensure maximum understanding and growth for students. For that reason, it can only be completed in this order.

As for the workshops themselves, The Soul and The Ego series will challenge and teach you beyond what you may have imagined possible. The name for the course is fundamental to the teachings: our Egos (which we do need) hate change, where as our Soul loves it. Changes is evolution to the Soul.

As part of this process of understanding The Soul and The Ego, you will learn to identify the patterns that currently drive your life and will be given tools to assist changing these patterns for ones that serve you in a more appropriate way.

If you are ready to grow and develop and bring change and understanding to your life, these workshops will suit you well. As always, the 12 have said only those that are meant to attend will be attending. So if during reading this you feel the pull to find out more, don't hesitate to contact me for further information or book now on 07 5485 0955.

I firmly believe all who seek change should embrace this life changing series, and I encourage you to read more about more about The Soul and The Ego worskhops.



The Soul and The Ego2016 Workshop Dates

1. The Inner Self - Saturday April 16 and Sunday April 17, 2016
2. Soul Development - Saturday June 11 and Sunday June 12, 2016
3. Development Of Your Psychic Self - Saturday August 6 and Sunday August 7, 2016
4. Manifesting Your Life - Saturday October 8 and Sunday October 9, 2016
5. Past Life Regression - Saturday December 10 and Sunday October 11, 2016