Series 1 Inner Self Workshop Weekend Update

The Inner Self workshop held last weekend has to be to best most satisfying workshop I have had the privilege of conducting. It was a wonderfully powerful and insightful weekend.

This was the first workshop that the Council of 12 have given us the entire framework to work from. So the whole thing flowed beautifully and I am sure each and everyone of the particpants got something from within themselves.

These workshops don’t actually force any specific thoughts or answers on you; they simply present a structure that allows you - the student - an opportunity to realise something about yourself and in this process, release old toxic unnecessary patterns that no longer serve you.

I really can't wait for the remaining four workshops in this Council of 12 guided series to unfold.

I thank all of you who came for attending and for your sincere attention.

We will be conducting this same workshop - the first in a series of five - again in the very near future and from then on, likely on a regular basis. If you didn't get to attend this time around, you will have another opportunity to do so very soon.