More On The Temple Of Wisdom Workshop: The 12 Keys Of Life


Mankind has always looked for what lies beyond, from the early explorers to those philosophical thinkers who searched for a deeper meaning to life. Many have looked for manuscripts and hidden texts hoping to find answers, hidden wisdom and direction that would give meaning to their lives. While many texts have been found, such as the Dead Sea scrolls and other ancient manuscripts, it seems something is still missing.

I believe that the great book of wisdom that mankind has laboured to find does not exist in the physical world but it does exist in the dimensions beyond this world we live in. I discovered that book during a series of meditations. My visions in a deeper state of being showed me that the book existed in realms beyond this three-dimensional physical world. What follows is brief account of how this unfolded…

In my meditations, I entered a temple and found myself standing before a huge book. The book had a list of chapters. I didn’t realise at the time that there were to be 12 of these chapters, later to be referred to as KEYS.

In each meditation, once I embraced the lesson a voice spoke with an explanation of the chapter before me.

When I left the temple at the end of the meditation, I carried with me a pocket book that held the Key that I had been given that day:

1. The first Key given to me was the gift of ACCEPTANCE. With this gift came the words: “Accept where you are, accept who you are. This is your Key to change. By accepting yourself, you will create an opening which will allow a way to come to you that will take you on the journey to yourself.”

2. In the next meditation, I was shown the second chapter. The word WORTHINESS was given followed by the now familiar voice: “The gifts you seek can only come to you if you fully believe you deserve them.”

3. The next to come was TRUTH, followed by these words: “The truth will set you free. By living your truth, you honour not only yourself but the entire Universe.”

4. The fourth word was FORGIVENESS and the words: “It is a gift to be able to forgive those who have hurt you, but a greater gift to forgive yourself for hurting others, for until you can forgive both yourself and others, you will find you that you won’t be able travel to the place you seek.”

5. The fifth lesson shown to me was the gift if GRATITUDE: “Those who display true gratitude place themselves in the highest vibrational state that the universe has to offer, such a one stands in unconditional love.”

6. The next lesson was about the value of EMOTION: “Emotion is your key to growth. This dimension in which you live is the plane of emotion. This serves to push and propel you though the many lessons you seek to learn, it speeds things up. Without it, as is the case on many other dimensions, growth and development is slow, whereas here it can be rapid. The choice is yours. Use it well, for it is easy to become trapped in emotion. Once you understand it you are on your way to mastering it.”

7. The seventh key given was FAITH: “With faith you truly can move mountains. Few on the earth fully understand what faith is. Those that do change their lives in the blink of an eye.”

8. Next came JOY: “Few know this most delightful of all emotions. Most get so consumed in what they think of as negative emotion that don’t allow themselves the joy of JOY. Joy is love dancing.”

9. SILENCE came next: “When you enter the silence, you will find yourself with the keys to the kingdom. You will be at one with all things. You will merge with the all. You will be the all.”

10. Next came BELIEFS: “Your belief constructs your reality. Examine your beliefs - most of them bind and limit you, keeping you from the limitless possibilities of who you truly are.”

11. Next BEING PRESENT: “To live in the present moment means you actually live; to dwell (as most do) in the past or the future means you are never truly here, so therefore you cannot experience what really is.”

12. The twelth key was KNOWING: “When you just know, you understand all things. Everything fits and all is well in the Universe.”

I stood in a round room with each Key written on one of the 12 doors around me, each with a golden key in its lock.

“Receive these gifts and share the way to them with those who also seek them.”

The voice that had guided me was still. The silence was deafening.

During The Temple of Wisdom workshop, we will explore in depth each of these Keys and I will endeavour to guide those that come to their very own Book of Wisdom.

The Temple Of Wisdom Workshop

Date: Saturday August 24 & Sunday August 25 2013.

Venue: Lake Weyba Cottages, 179 Clarendon Road, Peregian.

Cost: $350.

Register your interest now for this special workshop via the contact page or by phoning on 07) 5485 0955.