The Value Of Having An Empty Head


If you arrived at your doctors office and said "I would like to develop an empty head", he most likely would refer you to a specialist in mental disorders! However, if you went to a spiritual master and asked for help to develop an empty head, he would say, "You have come to the right place.”

Having an empty head allows you to hear the voice of your soul.

Here is the story that inspired this article, as told by a veteran actor, of how he discovered the value of an empty head. Remember, we are all actors on the stage of life.

When this actor was in the cast of his first film, he had a particular scene in which he had to calm an emotional group of people, without the use of a script, simply by using his presence.

He had no idea how he was to do this, so he asked an experienced actor in the cast for help. The elder actor paused for a few moments after being asked. He then replied, "When in doubt do nothing and trust that.”

The young novice took that onboard and decided that in order to do nothing he had to empty his head.

He was doing rather well, clearing thought away, disengaging with it. His head was beginning to become empty. As he approached the big scene, a song entered his head. The more he tried to push it away, the more it persisted. His initial reaction was one of annoyance, as the tune was interfering with his empty head.

Then he realised that the song was one his grandmother had sung to him when he was a small boy. As he listened to grandmothers lyrics, he recalled the security and love his grandmother had given him. He found himself slipping into the feeling he had as that small boy.

As he did this, something unbelievable happened. A force of tremendous calm came into him (the tune had become a bridge and allowed an essence from beyond his physical self to enter into him). He played the scene with this essence within him and calmed the riotous crowd, without saying a word, purely just using his presence. It worked so well that when the premiere of the movie time came, most of the audience cried when that scene was shown to them.

The empty head had allowed the Universal energy to flow through him and an extra ordinary performance was the result. From that point onward this actor worked to empty his head and trust and allow his inner essence to flow through him.

When we ‘empty our head’, we become a channel for our soul energy to flow through us - we have entered ‘The Zone'. Great creative minds enter this state to produce extraordinary works of art or creative expression. While it is difficult to simply ‘turn on’ this state, there are some things we can do to assist this process:

    1 .   The first thing to do is to become The Observer.
    2.    We have two selves that function from within ourselves: The Observing Self and The Reacting Self. Most of us live primarily in our Reactive Self. This is where thought predominates. If we dwell here exclusively, we become trapped in overthinking. This can lead to states like depression (trapped in our past) or anxiety (trapped in future thought).
    3.    Many seek drugs and alcohol or a variety of dysfunctional activities as a way of finding relief from the prison of thought; to survive, we distract ourselves from what we carry within.
    4 .   The key to the freedom we seek in to become The Observer. When we do this, all thought stops.
    5.    Sit quietly and observe your thoughts, watch them come and go. With practice, you will learn to become The Observer.
    6.    Be aware of when you are in the Reactive Self. A clue is when someone speaks to you or a situation arises and you find yourself having an emotional reaction.
    7.    When you are in your Observing Self, you won’t react. This will enable you to act without reacting from your stored emotion.

When you become The Observer, you have achieved your goal - you now have an EMPTY HEAD.