THE WAY: An Exercise To Connect To Blocked Emotion


We all look to find our way in life. Most people look outside of themselves and seek the way through material success and achievements. Others seek an inner way, and while a few are born seeking, most come to the inner way as the result of dissatisfaction with the outer way. This can often be after a challenge or an event that makes them question three things: where they are going, what they are doing and WHO THEY ARE.

All of these things lead to a search - a quest for self. There are a couple of important keys on this journey.

The first key is to be aware that your goal is to seek the truth of yourself (for indeed the truth will set you free).

The second is to be aware that you - like all of us - carry a pattern that blocks you and holds you back from moving forward. This blockage (which I call an energy cyst) carries an emotion, an emotion that you felt somewhere in your past. You experienced this uncomfortable emotion at a time when you had no tools to deal with it, other that to wrap it up and bury it within your energy body. This is where it lies today.

Initially you will have buried the emotion so deep that you didn’t know that it was there, and it was only once you began your inner quest that you peeled back enough of the layers to reveal the energy cyst. At some point when you are ready, you will draw to yourself circumstances that echo the emotion contained within the energy cyst and you will find yourself feeling that emotion, the same as what is contained within the energy cyst.

In order that you can free yourself from this energy block, you need to find it, release it and replace that emotion with one that's uplifting and positive so you can move forward with a gift, rather than be dragging a lead weight around.

Here is a process that may help you free yourself from your energy cyst:

1) Lie down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breath. Take a few moments to do this.

2) Next, find a place of discomfort or pain in your body. Take your attention to this place. If you have no physical discomfort, check and find an uncomfortable emotion that you have within. Focus on this discomfort.

3) Once you have done this, see yourself ‘standing’ at a doorway. This doorway - once you go beyond - will take you to one of the reasons why you are stuck where you are.

4) Place your fingertips on the point of your discomfort; if it is an emotional discomfort you feel rather than a physical one, place your fingertips on your heart. Pay attention and focus deeply on this point, whether it be physical or emotional or both (they will be linked if you have both).

5) Ask your spirit/higher self for permission to proceed to discover the emotion that holds you back from reaching your highest good. Permission will be given, but as with all things in our universe, you must ask before you can receive. Then be still and wait. You will notice your fingertips becoming quite hot (in some cases extremely hot, this is the stored energy of the cyst discharging).

6) By now you are deep within the inner zone. Often you will get an instant memory of a past event. Don’t be concerned if it takes some time to come, be patient. In your inner place, the past, present and future are all there in that moment.

7) You will recall a memory with an emotion attached to it from either earlier in your current life or from another lifetime. Feel the emotion and ask it to leave, release it, LET IT GO back into the universe. Tell it that it no longer serves you and bless it for what it has given you (for it has brought you to this point).

8) As it leaves, call a positive emotion to take up the vacant space. Visualise an opposite outcome for that situation, e.g. if the situation caused you fear see it bring you faith; if it was guilt see freedom; grief see joy etc.

Spend as long as you feel doing this, and then return to your day-to-day consciousness. Something will have changed.

If you need any further help, let me know.

Welcome to THE WAY.