The Ways Of The Mystic: Spirituality In A Modern World


The mystics of old lived lives separated from the world, seeking out places hidden from the masses, sacred places often far away from the hustle and bustle of crowds. The modern mystic, however, needs to live in real life, raise families, work and interact with other - these are the situations that provide the challenges and the lessons that enable modern day seekers to grow and develop spiritually.

When I was in my early teens, I found myself always searching for something other than what was in front of me. At first I thought that ‘something’ was outside of me. So I began to travel and seek holy places and holy teachers. I found many wise people, although few true holy ones, and as time passed I found myself searching for the next ‘thing’ that might hold within it what I longed for.

As my knowledge deepened, I came to realise that the key actually lay within ME. This meant I didn’t have to travel out ‘there’ - all I had to do was to go within. My next challenge was to come to understand how I was going to do that. I found meditation helped, yet that didn’t seem to do the job completely either, even though I did find myself a lot more at peace.

It was then that I realised I carried a huge weight of unresolved emotion, which I had accumulated as I travelled along my journey of life.

These realisations came to me over many years of searching. I realised I needed some tools to help me to clear my baggage and unravel my hidden self. I needed to be free of the embedded emotion that was stored deep in my unconscious mind.

I realised if I could clear this old dysfunctional energy then I would have an opportunity to uncover my true self, hidden within.

In a prayer, I asked for some tools to help guide me on my journey into myself. What came to me is what I have called the 12 Qualities of The Mystic.

I list them for you here and hope that they will help you, as much as they have helped me.

1.  The mystic knows that he must honour his truth.

2.  The mystic seeks the stillness, for his intuition tells him that it is the stillness that will speak to him and guide him.

3.  The mystic honours nature.

4.   The mystic learns to master his emotion. He understands guilt and fear and has found freedom from both.

5.  The mystic inspires himself and others; he uplifts the consciousness of those around him.

6.  The mystic understands that thought creates his reality.

7.  The mystic has clear vision. He has freed himself from victim consciousness, has become a student of life, and knows that there is no good or bad - there just is.

8.  The mystic hears the voice of his soul and has learnt to trust it.

9.   The mystic understands that death is a doorway and is not possessed by the fear of death.

10.  The mystic understands that the thing he seeks lies within him.

11.  The mystic follows signs and omens, and he communicates with his guides, guardians and angels.

12.  The mystic has purpose.

This framework has since been expanded into The Soul and The Ego workshop series we facilitate today with The Council Of 12 - an inspirational series of workshops that teach modern day spirituality. We no longer need gurus and holy men to give us the answers we seek; everything you need is inside of you and with the tools and processes we share, the wisdom of the Universe will begin to unfold before you.

Many blessings,