Tips On Manifestation: Past Lives, Soul & Ego

You manifest what you vibrate, and what you vibrate is governed by the collection of impressions gathered from this life and all the lifetimes you have lived.

Most people cannot recall their past lifetimes the very good reason that they may not be ready to deal with what they did before. They may also misinterpret their actions from those previous lives. For an example in a previous life, I recalled losing a daughter; she drowned in a flood. In my grief, I sought consolation from the local shaman, who told me to look into a pool of water and see the reason I had lost her. In doing so, I saw an earlier life as an where as an Aztec priest, I had sacrificed children to appease the Gods. When I saw this I was deeply shocked. The shaman explained I was being punished for this by losing my daughter. Seeing this, I recoiled completely into guilt and lived the rest of that life in deep remorse.

What the shaman didn’t have the vision/knowledge to see was that as the Aztec Priest, I was performing the tribe a great service, for without the sacrifice there would be no crops and people would starve. As the priest, I carried no guilt or remorse. I was proud to have been in that position; it was a great privilege and the children and their families were greatly honoured to be chosen.

What in one society was a great crime, in another was an honourable role.

This is the principal reason why we block our memory of past lives; we would likely only misinterpret what in one time is normal if we were consciously aware of those lives and all their detail (this is something that has only come to me in my current life, where I have developed greater knowledge and understanding).

My life after that point was a manifestation - by me - as the result of a false thought impression (guilt) given to me by one with partial knowledge.

By sorting out the guilt issues we carry from this and other lifetimes, by freeing ourselves from fear, by gaining a deeper knowledge, by regaining our power and understanding of ourselves, we can begin to become the creators of our destiny.

There are two types of manifestation:

1) ego-based manifestation, and
2) soul-based manifestation.

The type of manifestation that we see most in life is ego-based manifestation. Those of you who are familiar with the book/DVD 'The Secret' will find if you look into it deeply, that most of it is ego-based manifestation, identified by the principal focus on material things. This is ego desire (not that there is anything wrong with this, if this is what you want). As a famous holy man once said “I give you what you want, so that you might want what I come to give you”. In order to get past desire, your need to fulfil your desire otherwise your desire will always be there. There are no wrong things - all things are opportunities to learn and grow. Ego-based manifestation through desire/focus will bring into being that which you seek. Be careful you don’t think ego-based manifestation is soul-based manifestation though; while all is part of the whole, ego-based manifestation will create a big swollen ego, whereas soul-based manifestation will create great humility and enormous gratitude.

Soul-based manifestation can only be with you when you have a deep yearning for things beyond the material world. Once you sort out your sense of worthiness, you will have the material abundance as well, if that is what you so desire.

Rules of manifestation:

1.    Be specific about what you want.
2.    Believe you deserve what you have asked for. If you are aware of any “I am not worthy” thoughts, look into and start to deal with these immediately.
3.    Meditate on success: see yourself as already having that which you seek.
4.    Make sure that you are clear on whether you manifestation is ego-based or soul-based and be aware of the potential ego building that ego-based manifestation will bring.
5.    Bless those that are involved in your exercise to manifest.
6.    Express gratitude to the universe for assisting you in achieving your manifestation
7.    Smile lot for this simple act manifests MORE SMILES.


Happy manifesting.