True World Order: The Power Of Change Lies With You

I recently viewed a documentary on DVD called ‘Thrive’, which does a great job of detailing how the world is controlled and manipulated by a few wealthy individuals with an insatiable quest for power and control of everyone and everything. This is what is often now referred to as the New World Order, although it has been with us in some form since the dawn of civilisation.

However, it is only in these modern times that controllers have deepened their lust for total global domination. While a growing number of people are seeing this falsity and corruption for what it is, the vast majority of everyday individuals still believe the lies and deceit to be real. If the average person in the street watched ‘Thrive’, they would probably disregard it as another conspiracy theory. This not to be unexpected - those that control have learnt how to manipulate, and most people believe what the media and the government feed them.

How do those of us that are aware of what is really going on respond? Can we do anything about New World Order or are we all doomed to financial and cultural slavery?

Yes, there is a way - so subtle that those behind the New World Order won’t even notice it is happening. I was a little disappointed to notice that the creators of ‘Thrive’ missed an incredible opportunity to explore and express it; or perhaps they weren’t even aware of it. The documentary’s conclusion for dealing with the New World Order was simply for people to make a stand and stop playing the games of the controllers. And while this does have merit and is part of the solution, there is another far more powerful way…

The problem is when we become aware of what is going on, we get angry – ‘how dare these bastards do this to the people of the planet!’ is a typical reaction. Yet this very reaction adds more energy to the darkness of the situation. Many start to do things to protest, to combat or voice their opinion; surprising as it may sound, this actually only further strengthens the New World Order.

If you openly verse them and make enough noise, the ones that control will seek you out. Look what they are currently trying to do to Julian Assange and many others littered through history. Focussing attention on the truth actually has little true value, because the group consciousness is so caught up in emotional reactions; the beliefs of the masses are only strengthened by this as the energy of those who protest add to the New World Order’s energy.

A far more powerful way to assist the planet and all those delightful individuals who simply wish to nurture with goodness and love is to change yourself. Then trust the world will be fine.

All life is vibration and there are two categories of vibration: one filled with light, the other with shadow. The outer world is a reflection of the world within us. As the darkness in the world is exposed, so the darkness within us is exposed. Or to put it the other way - as our darkness is exposed, the darkness in the world becomes more visible.

Once darkness is exposed, understanding comes. We can no longer be fooled. We come to know, understand, grasp the lesson and let it all go. We don’t believe the bullshit anymore. We are awakening and this is the key.

The way you help the planet is simple - sort out your own darkness.

Once you have exposed the darkness in yourself and cleared it, guess what happens to your vibration? It changes! It becomes finer and begins to resonate with light.

This resonance changes the planet. In fact, it changes the entire Universe. Yes, that’s how much of an effect you can have on the things around you. You positively affect the entire Universe.

Stop getting caught up in having opinions about how bad the world is and all the associated anger and frustration that comes with realising what the New World Order types are doing. The way I’m suggesting isn’t being passive, as some of you are thinking; it is being pro-active. You and I are on this planet to save ourselves, not the planet - mother earth knows how to take care of herself. In sorting out yourself, you help sort the Universe and the control freaks can’t do a single thing about it.

This is where your real power lies; this is the True World Order and the entire Universe stands behind you. The New World Order as we know it will crumble into dust.

Remember: the purpose of life is to come to know yourself. Change yourself and the world must change in wonderful ways.

Many blessings to you all.