The Gift Of Emotions: Four Things To Remember

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People caught in sickness and disorder are bogged in emotion; those that find their way through their emotion and release it will find freedom and empowerment.

In order to be able to utilise and master emotion, they need to be understood. To understand emotion, one must experience them.

Here are some things to keep in mind when considering your emotions and working on mastering them...

1. All (yes, all) emotions help you to grow

My learnings over the decades have taught me that emotion is one of the biggest things that sets us apart from other life in the Universe, which function with no emotion. In those dimensions, growth is through logic and reason - a much slower way of learning. Emotion here in this three-dimensional world speeds up growth exponentially.

Many souls are clambering to incarnate onto this planet for good reason: to get to experience emotion and give themselves the best possible opportunities to move their development forward and understand all things. Emotions allow us to do that, but they need be experienced to be able to understand them. Souls in waiting can not wait to experience the full gamut of emotions we are able to in this world.

There are no negative and positive emotions as such - they all serve our growth. How we perceive them and deal with them is the issue.

2.  Emotions are highly powerful - don’t underestimate them

For example, many of you are still asking yourselves how Donald Trump got elected as President of The United States… one word explains it: emotion. 'The Donald’ is able to evoke a great deal of emotion. People flocked to hear him throughout his campaign; not all agreed with him (in fact, a great many disagreed), but he got peoples attention by the emotion he was able to generate, tapping into a growing undercurrent of anger and frustration among the disenfranchised. A demagogue was born.

On the other hand, his opposition Hilary Clinton had little emotion, and despite almost all the support of the media, somehow lost the election that was her for the win. Newsweek were so confident of the outcome, that they had the election edition of the paper printed six days before the election with Hilary’s face with the headline ‘Madame President’ of the front cover. They had to throw the lot in the bin and start again, with egg on their faces.

This is an excellent example of the power of emotion. Emotion - not policy - won the day and the election for Donald Trump.

Another example is Adolf Hitler. He drew greater crowds that any leader in modern history has, because he evoked emotion. This led into passion and in his case, control of the masses. They followed him, they believed in him, and he walked them into the shadows of misery and destruction, all because he had the power to evoke great emotion.

Iconic characters through our history - good or bad - have one thing in common. They stirred emotion. Whether or not they are still relevant in this day and age, just think of them and emotion will stir inside of you, be it negative or positive.

3. Emotions can stick with you on many levels for longer than you might think

Moments of heightened emotion make imprints in your memory. Strongly negative experiences will often be suppressed so deeply that you might not know that they are there. This is very true of traumatic experiences; they will have an effect on you and your behaviour. Even though you may not recall them, they can have a controlling influence on you.

We humans have learned to bury emotion in order to cope with it - this is coping by avoidance. We swallow a difficult emotion and it then becomes embedded as a cellar memory. We might think it has gone, but it in fact still sits within us. An example of this is that often something happens in your day and it triggers an emotional response far out of proportion for what the event calls for. This is because the event will have stirred a similar emotion that you are carrying from an earlier time in your life or from a previous life, and likely one that has accumulated significant emotional baggage along the way.

You have pulled that experience to you to help bring the embedded emotion to your attention.

At some point we will have deal with these emotions, if we wish to move forward. Avoiding them means our spiritual development slows and eventually ceases. We will stay stuck, becalmed in the sickness or misery or dysfunction.

4.  It's easy to get stuck in emotion and have no idea how to get free of it

To make emotions relevant to us, we need to bring it onto a personal level. If you sit quietly and take your mind back to a major emotional experience you have had, you will find you will be able to feel the emotion almost as if were happening now (the exception to this being those individuals who have either shut down their emotional body due to traumatic experiences, or those who were born with it shut down).

You can reawaken the stored emotion at any time, whether your experience was pleasant or unpleasant. The experience may have passed, yet the emotion that it generated will still there, locked up in the unconscious mind.

Through recalling this memory and going within, you can reconnect with the emotion you once buried, and if you wish, you can clear this emotion. By discovering where in your past you experienced similar emotions, you can free yourself from it and a new emotion and a better way forward will be yours.

You may need guidance to help you to do this but this is how emotion can be your greatest aid in learning and moving forward to reclaim your power.

Emotions - all emotions - are a gift of learning, and within lies the wisdom of the Universe. Move towards understanding yours and tremendous growth and freedom will await you.