Unlocking Depression: The Root Cause & How To Deal With It

“Can you write something on depression?” someone recently asked me.

“That is a good idea,” I said.

Depression is a widely misunderstood illness and one that at one time or another will afflict nearly all of us to varying degrees. In some cases, it can be extremely difficult to overcome, and as with all disease and illness, its roots lie in the metaphysical within us.

Not surprisingly, the next day found myself trapped in depression - at least that’s what I thought it was.

It was a terrible feeling. I was powerless.

“I am stuck. I can’t write about this,” I thought. “Not while I am stuck in it.”

One night, I awoke about 2am, still stuck in depression.

“How do I get free of this?” I muttered to no one.

“It might be useful to ask for help,” a voice suggested.

I immediately began to pray. The room became quiet and I felt an angel’s energy descend around me. I felt lifted.

“How do you expect to understand depression without feeling depressed?” my little quiet inner voice asked.

“Now work out how you are going to get free of it. For it is no use to others just to talk about what it is, you need to show them a way out of their depression,” the voice continued.

“Where do I start?” I asked.

“Start with understanding how depression comes about,” the voice said. “Look how many rules there are in life: things you should do, and things you shouldn’t do. How often have you broken those rules?”

“Heaps of times,” I replied. “The same would be true of everyone on the planet.”

“Yes. And what happens when you break the rules?” the voice asked.

“Guilt,” I replied.

“Yes. And guilt blocks you and depression follows. See it’s all very simple,” the voice explained.

“So why isn’t everyone depressed?” I asked, knowing that every person on the earth would have broken lots of “rules”.

“Well many are, they just don’t realise it,” the voice continued. “But most people live a life of distraction. They fill their life up with activities, work, play computers, television, and escapism. They don’t allow themselves to feel how they really feel.”

“So what can I offer those who do feel and get stuck?” I asked.

“Well how are you going to get free from the depressive feelings you are currently in?” the voice asked.

Suddenly, I was back in the midst of the heavy depressive thought that I had momentarily been free of.

“Investigate the guilt that I carry?” I replied.

“Yes. For you can only ever get trapped in depression if you carry guilt from somewhere,” my inner voice said.

I had gotten it. For with guilt comes fear, and a belief that you deserve punishment, and then you are trapped and of course depressed.

“That’s right,” my wise inner teacher continued, reading my thoughts. “Then you will be stuck and disempowered. Many carry guilt and have no idea how to free themselves from it. Once you begin to set yourself free from guilt, you will find doors open and freedom for depression open.”

I then found myself engulfed in old guilts: many long forgotten events, some small, and some major events in my history.

“Take up your pen and paper and address these issues,” the voice continued. “Write to those people you have felt you have wronged. Own your past actions. Apologise, ask for forgiveness if necessary. Then take your writings to a quiet place, read them out aloud and then burn them and you will feel a lifting of the heavy energy. Then forgive yourself and welcome yourself to freedom, to life without guilt.”

“It’s that easy?” I asked.

“Yes it is. Every time depression hits you, look within. Ask where the guilt is. It will come. Write, read and burn,” the voice said.

I did as instructed and the weight of depression was gone.

It is that easy. Follow these steps and you will find the relief you are seeking. An experienced therapist may also be of assistance to help you delve further into repressed guilt, but the weight of the cloud WILL start to lift.

Blessings to you all