What Is A Spiritual Journey?

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A spiritual journey is a quest for a deeper meaning to life. It generally begins with a dissatisfaction with the life we have been leading.

Most people follow the patterns, beliefs and systems they have been taught. We simply do what the ones before us have done and we don’t question - we simply follow the way we have been shown.

While some still do this today, many are seeking out other ways. Many have begun to question what they have been presented with. If life isn’t giving them what they want or dissatisfaction with how it is, this can lead to what can be described as ‘a spiritual journey’.

At this point, we begin seeking something beyond what we have been shown, something with a deeper meaning.

For some, the journey begins as a result of a major upheaval in their lives. This may be a health crisis, the loss of a loved one, or any experience that has a significant impact on life. When your world is either shattered or turned upside down, there is need to rebuild or move forward in a different, hopefully better way. And eventually what was a great disaster in life can end up setting us on a deeper and more fulfilling path.

A spiritual journey is the beginning of a quest to sort out who we really are and what we really want out of life.

We begin by looking outside the normal parameters of our lives. Some seek out spiritual places - cathedrals or ancient temples. Some take spiritual pilgrimages, like the famous Camino walk. Some may take up different religious practices - perhaps yoga, Buddhism, Taoism - or any one of a number of different philosophies they may be drawn toward. Others will find themselves drawn to different things: certain books, magazines, courses, different types of people (friends may change). We will seek things that offer different perspectives on life to help us determine what our own perspective really is. All of this is common on a spiritual journey.

Once the journey has begun, people begin to be much more introspective and self aware. They will be beginning to look within. Once this happens, emotions begin to arise from deep inside of us. This is the start of the real spiritual journey. You have begun the quest to become master of yourself.

Our being has been built from a vast array of experiences and the associated emotional reactions generated from those experiences over many lifetimes. Unresolved fear, guilt, anger, sadness and loneliness will often arise “out of the blue”. These emotions have surfaced as a result of your spiritual journey, but the reality is you finally have allowed space to connect with them by quietening your chatterbox mind.

These emotions may not seem to have any relevance to where you are in the present; in fact, they might seem strange or quite overwhelming, and you may not know how to handle them. In the past, you would have glossed over them or swallowed them, pushing them deep inside your being. So deep in fact that you may not even have known that they were there.

Once you begin to look within, you allow the lid to come off the embedded emotion. Your soul takes the opportunity to realise and acknowledge the baggage that you have for so long carried.

At this point, you may need a spiritual guide or teacher to help point out the way for you. While others can’t walk your path for you, they can give you insight into yourself and perhaps teach you methods that will aid you. The belief systems that you have inherited along the way may no longer suit you and you many need help and guidance on how best to set yourself free from that which no longer serves you.

Most of us have some intuitive sense. This will deepen as the journey progresses and will guide you toward certain events and certain people. You will find that this intuition will help you navigate your way through what works for you and help you see what isn't for you. As you learn to trust your intuitive sense, greater clarity comes and with this the issues that you carry from previous unresolved situations in your life surface even more, unfurling deeper layers. It often means life becomes temporarily a greater challenge. Again, you may need some assistance to help you resolve this. You may need some assistance to help you resolve and release these trapped emotions, for the freedom we seek only comes when we are able to free ourselves from old baggage.

By this time on the spiritual journey, we come to realise that our own reality is a result of how or what we perceive it to be. We find that what or how we think does actually shape and create our life

While it will take perseverance and commitment at times to walk through the emotions that surface, you will soon begin to feel a lightening of your being. You will start see things in different way. Life will take on a new meaning and you will find yourself walking forward through it with a renewed sense of purpose. You will also smile a lot more. Your appreciation of life will deepen greatly and you will understand who you are and life itself with greater clarity.

Happy traveling on your spiritual journey.