Transformation Is An Inside Job


There has been so much written about transformation by new age thinkers and writers, particularly in recent times about the symbolism of the date of December 21 2012.

Over the Christmas period, I have had the opportunity to read some ‘new-age’ magazines and found many articles on transformation. What I noted in my readings was that many talk of a new consciousness as if is out ‘there’, somewhere elusively beyond you. As if it will descend upon those that really want it or those who are special enough to understand it.

The writer of one article on becoming conscious (aware of what is really going on) spoke lots about the results of becoming conscious, but little about how you actually go about being conscious, in my view, perpetuating this notion somewhat.

What you need to know is consciousness, awareness, transformation, it isn’t out ‘there’, dangling like a carrot in front of your nose. Change out there can only occur when you - yes, YOU - and me change ourselves from within. Then - and only then - will the planet and every action and interaction on it change. New thoughts and new solutions will come from a deeper way of perceiving things.

This said, there is of course a lot of vibrational assistance from the planetary alignment, as a result of where we are as a race in our evolution. So now is a perfect time to transform the only thing you have any direct influence over - YOU.

Another theme that continually cropped up while I was reading was people believing that unless they have a purpose, they will simply be wandering aimlessly through life.

Perhaps I can offer what The Council of 12 have told us about purpose.

There are three groups of people who incarnate onto the earth:

1. Those who come for a rest (people have led challenging recent lifetimes and feel they need a rest). If you are reading this, you won’t be one of them. This group wouldn’t bother reading an article like this. They instead picks activities in life that have no great depth or substance, they meander through life and will often say “why do you worry about all that deep stuff? Life’s for living and having fun, not for worrying about things you cannot change.”

2. The second category of beings (where you and I fit in) are those who come here to learn to know themselves. That’s it. This is your purpose. If you believe that you are here to change the destiny of mankind (like I once believed), you are on a great big ego trip.

However, we do need to find meaningful things to do with our time here; the interactions we have within these activities will bring the challenges that will give us the opportunities to learn and grow into more inwardly connected beings. A simple rule to follow when choosing a path, ask yourself what drives you? What is your desire /passion? And find something to do that fits this. Make it a positive activity at least for you. The energy you generate will not only help you, but all who come in contact with you or with what you create.

3. The third group of beings on this planet are those that come to assist mankind - the great masters. And if you believe that you might be one of these, you are on an even bigger ego trip than I’ve just mentioned.

The third theme that I encountered in my readings was writers who spoke of countering negativity with positivity. Have you ever been depressed and tried to pick yourself up and told yourself to stay positive? That you are no longer depressed? That you are now a happy little vegemite and all is well? If your mind is strong enough, you will feel better - but has anything really changed?

While positive thought has some benefit, it doesn’t change a thing. In fact it can be dangerous, as it can cause you to believe you are no longer depressed, sad or angry or whatever the emotion may be. In fact, this is how many emotionally survive: by telling themselves that they are something they are not.

Take Bill, for example, who sat in my office telling me he had not had an angry thought for over 10 years, when clearly to me Bill was seething with anger. Nothing will change in our lives if we deny the truth. My advice to Bill: admit you are an angry man and find some tools to help you deal with it (and this isn’t by telling yourself you are not angry). Then without you even realising, great change in your life will start to occur.

Some years ago I sat looking at my vast array of books. In a moment of great clarity, I realised that 90% of them were about being positive, working out what you want, believing you deserve it, keeping positive and going out there and getting it .I saw in that moment that this was all ego driven bullshit and that that I no longer wanted no part of it all. So I got rid of all the books (akin to a tooth extraction for my ego self). After a few days, I felt this incredible relief. Now I could begin without reliance on the ramblings of other’s thoughts and opinions (please don’t think I believe that there is no value in books - just be careful they don’t become your God).

Something that I have noted since I began writing posts for my website is that most traffic occurs on happier stories and articles, whereas stories on guilt, fear, grief receive less hits. A good example that as humans we tend to gravitate towards the uplifting stuff, not the stuff about real change. Posts on the most important aspects of change make us feel uncomfortable so we don’t go there.

Have you noticed how you tend to avoid what is uncomfortable? This is your truth and where your most important lessons are held. These are the things in ourselves that we most need to look at if we truly desire transformation.

Blessings to you all.