Where Is The Justice In This World?


Ever feel life isn’t fair?

Just watch the news - the majority of it will seem unjust. Wars seem unfair, especially for innocent civilians caught in the crossfire. Children dying before their parents. People being picked on or bullied. Governments. Corporate power. Natural disasters.

Or on a more personal level, what about illness, lack of abundance, or just simply those days where nothing seems to go as you want it to. 

There will be many times in life where we feel things are not fair or unjust.

Yet if we look up into the Universe, even from our limited perspective here on earth, everything seems very much in order. On the grander scale of things, everything is functioning. The stars don’t fall down from the sky, the sun rises every morning, and the moon always moves through its cycles. Spring will always follow winter, and autumn always follows summer. 

Things seem to be as they should be, don’t they?

So what if we consider this for a moment: that perhaps everything is actually fair but it's just that we don’t see it that way. That perhaps it's the way we see our life that creates the lack of fairness or injustice that so many of us experience.

What if everything is actually exceedingly fair - but it’s just our perception of it?

What if we are separated from the whole story by a veil. And what if that veil were to lift and we could suddenly see a different picture, a bigger picture. That instead of seeing a small snippet of the story, we could see the whole thing.

Perhaps an expanded view would change the way that we see things, and that would actually change ALL things?

In order to go deeper into this, we need to look at what has caused us to see things as we do. We need to have a deep inner look at our conditioning, and at the programs that we have gathered as we have moved through our life journey.

I believe most of us can acknowledge that we are the products of our conditioning: we learn from where we are born, from who we are born to, from the circumstances we are born into, the schools we attend, the people we live with, work with, the experiences we have had, the previous lives we have lead. All of these things shapes and moulds us.

We learn that we actually only believe what we have been exposed to.

I recall standing beside a Scottish surgeon in the Philippines while we were watching the psychic surgeon (a healer who operates with his/her bare hands - nothing to cut the flesh, no anaesthetic) Juanito Flores working.

The healers hands were inside the patients abdomen. The patient was fully conscious and they were not experiencing any pain.

The entire procedure over in a matter of minutes.

The surgeon beside me scrambled for an explanation: 

“He must have a scalpel up his sleeve!” (the healer had short sleeves). 

”He must have us hypnotised!”

“This isn’t happening, we just think it is!”

The Scottish surgeon watching on could not find anything in his memory storehouse that was of any use to him. He was searching for an explanation for a situation that was so completely outside his framework. He couldn’t even believe what he was seeing because the entire situation was totally alien to him. He didn’t have one reference point for this situation within his mind (conscious or unconsciousness).

He desperately searched for something to help him. His conclusion was denial that it was happening. And the experience wasn’t helped by his wife, who was also watching with us and who DID accept and believe what she was witnessing (it would have been interesting to be a fly on the wall in their house that evening).

This is a clear example of something being one thing to one person, and another to someone else. 

Things aren’t what we believe them to be - they are what we perceive them to be.

As the Council of 12 have said to us, "There may not seem to be justice on the earth, but there is a cosmic justice."

What we see as unfair may well be exceedingly fair in the higher order of things.