Which Side Of Your Brain Controls You?


When we are born, we operate exclusively from the right side of our brains. This side of the brain is about vision, imagination and truth.

As little people, we are open to the world around us - both the visible world and the invisible world. This continues until we reach the age of approximately seven years of age. At that time, the doorways to the invisible world begin to close and we become more anchored into the earth. A child knows the truth, so if you tell them a lie they know. At first this confuses the child. They can’t work out why you would not tell the truth and thus begins the seeds of mistrust.

Another problem most of us encounter very early in our lives is that no one talks about the invisible world we see around us; most adults speak only of the visible three-dimensional world, for they lost their own insight into anything beyond it long ago.

Then we are introduced to the education system. Western society mostly functions from the left side of the brain, with structure and logic as our gods. Our schools are structured to produce left-brain dominant individuals. They even attempt to teach children left-brained logic before the age of seven, when young ones have little chance of having a clue what we are on about; you cannot fully comprehend left-brain thought when you operate from the right side of your brain.

It isn’t until we are 12-14 years old that we can fully grasp the left-brained stuff. By this stage, we are being taught firmly to study in a way that only the left-brain operates. We are programmed to be controllable and obedient. We end up as part of the crowd followers, not free imaginative right-brain thinkers. Our halls of learning produce conformists that can be easily fed opinions and end up believing that those opinions are their own.

There is however a change taking place, and more and more people are seeking to open and develop the right side of their brains.

Years ago, these ones were in the minority and were regarded as fringe dwellers by the masses. We would find such ones huddled in quiet places, often shunned and ridiculed by the masses.

Now there is a ground swell of those who are awakening the right hemisphere of their brains. The beauty of this is that the creative side cannot be controlled, for it functions from the source of all wisdom. When this side works in us, we find inspiration. We have ideas that change our lives, often in the twinkling of an eye.

When we have our right brain operating, we can change the world. It has been calculated that there only needs to be 5% of the worlds populace connecting to the Universe through their right brain hemisphere to change the mass of programmed thought.

Those who control things, of course, don’t like this; they don’t want the unpredictability of right-brained individuals wandering around the place. It undermines their power and they hate that.

Despite all of this, there does still need to be a balance between the two-brain hemispheres. For while we need inspiration and spontaneity, we also need some reason and structure.

Very few are balanced, including those who believe only in structure and logic. These are the non-believers and the atheists of the world. These are the ones whose only security is in the left-brain story. They will rubbish right-brained visionaries and what they don’t understand or can’t establish with fact and reason. They want to destroy right-brained people and ideas, as they feel they threaten their existence.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have the exclusively right brainers drifting along in dreamland. Have you ever been with musicians or artists who are exclusively right brained? Nothing balances and nothing actually gets achieved. They float about. They aren’t grounded.

So while the right brain is essential to help us have vision, the left side of the brain is necessary to ground us and carry out the steps to achieve that vision. In short, we need a bit of both operating in balance.

Do you know where do you fit in?

This is what we try to teach in The Soul and The Ego personal development workshops - a balance between the Soul (right brain) and the Ego (left brain), as per the teachings of The Council of 12.