Who Am I? Uncovering Your Real Self


Who are you?

Have you ever asked your self that question? “Who am I?”

How does one set about finding the answer?

Perhaps we could start with what you are not.

For instance, do you think that you are the title you carry? The policeman, politician, gardener, truck-driver, housewife etc. These are roles you play, things you identify with. If that title/role was taken away, what would you be?

Maybe closer to the real you?

Most of us carry a lack of self value within ourselves. Sometimes it is obvious; most often it is disguised beneath a clever front (the overweight person who unconciously creates an obvious front).

You strive for acknowledgement in order to boost your lack of value. In doing this, you are in danger of believing that you are the role you play; in actual fact, this is simply a role you play and nothing more. It is not you.

Our problem begins early in life when we begin to be taught to be an individual. To be better than the next person. We are taught that we are separate. The fact that we are in separate bodies that are different from the next person doesn’t help.

As we travel life’s path, we seek connection with friends, lovers, sports teams, mates and other connections. Yet we are taught to be separate. This division takes us to dissatisfaction and unhappiness. We are taught to look outside ourselves for what we lack. But even if we achieve money, power, fame, glory we will eventually realise we are still empty.

Our true self is submerged beneath layers of false selves/aspects/roles who we believe we are.

So how difficult is it to know who you are with all these layers upon us?

Here are a few pointers which may help you in your quest:

1. First be clear what you are not. Drop all belief that you are the role. It is simply that a role you enter into. You, the real person, are something else.

2. You can't work out who you are by thinking about it. You can only know it by feeling it.

Here is an exercise to help you...

Stop and be silent, pick something of great beauty and focus your attention on it, for example, a flower, a sunrise, a mountain, a beautiful view.

Pay complete attention to your subject without allowing a thought to enter into your mind.

If you can do this you will feel something that words cannot explain. You have touched the edge of what you truly are: your true self.

Welcome home.