Who Are The Council Of 12?


The Council of 12 are a group of 12 non-physical beings, whose purpose is to assist mankind to reach a new level of awakened consciousness.

My association with them began some 20+ years ago.

One day in my capacity as a hypnotherapist, a man called Peter D came to see me for assistance with an anger problem. He had been to a local clairvoyant seeking some life clarity. She had told him “go and see Peter Hoddle. He does regressional hypnotherapy. Your problem stems from the age of nine and it is connected to with your father.”

Peter D turned out to be an excellent candidate for hypnosis and quickly entered a deep state. Almost immediately, his body began to twist and turn and his face contorted. He began to moan obviously in great pain. I was caught between wanting to help ease his pain, bringing him out of his altered state, while the therapist in me knew I had to guide him through his misery in order to help him heal.

As we continued with the sessions his emotion gradually eased and I was able to piece together Peter's story. He indeed had an issue with his father and it was around the age of nine but it was a previous life as a deformed crippled boy. His father was ashamed of fathering a child with such deformity that he beat the child and constantly calling him a cretin. Peter's anger began to build as he couldn’t speak. All he could do was to moan and put up with the abuse. Anger became a great rage stored inside Peters unconscious.

At the age of 11, a doctor in the hospital in which Peter had been placed took pity on his suffering, and as an act of compassion, suffocated him, ending his short life. Peter carried this rage into this current life, exploding often out of all proportion in present events.

One day, after perhaps 10 or 12 regression sessions, Peter was no longer trapped as the nine year old boy. He had separated and had become the observer, a state often reached by a subject once intense emotion has been released. That was the first time the Council of 12 appeared.

“I am in a huge cavern," he said. "There are 12 people standing in a semi-circle in front of me.”

"They look like monks,” he continued.

“We are the Council of 12," they replied, talking through Peter. "We have chosen the subject (Peter D). We are assisting him and through him we will help many.”

They spoke with a clarity and strength way beyond what Peter possessed.

Since this time, through Peter, they have assisted many. They directly facilitate The Soul and The Ego workshops I hold in Pomona, Queensland, two hours north of Brisbane, and those who participate receive a personal reading from them.

Many have transformed their lives with the help of The Council of 12.

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