Your Body And You

When the book “Love your Disease” was published some years ago, I heard many people mutter "why would you want to do that!"

The message is clear though: pay attention to what is wrong with you, for within your disease lies the answers that will help you become a happier human being.

In my many years as an Osteopath, I have come to recognise different areas and degrees in intensity of pain to be reflections of specific problems in a persons life. For instance, low back pain represents a lack of support in your life; shoulder pain is about what or who you are carrying; neck pain can relate to literally someone giving you a pain in the neck.

There is no doubt in my mind that your body reflects every little bit of you: pain results from trapped energy which creates pressure.

This understanding lead me to want to help those who are open to look underneath the problem for what the problem really is.

To test this theory, take a moment to be quiet and find a comfortable position - lying down is best.

Close your eyes take three deep breaths. Become still. Then slowly scan your body with your awareness. You are feeling for the area that feels most congested.

Some of you with pain will go straight to that area. Or you may be surprised to find yourself going somewhere else.

Now take your awareness into that area asking silently "what are you saying to me?". Do not think - just feel into it/sense it. You may find a feeling/emotion sweeps over you. You may find that you are thinking about a particular person/time in your life. What is the feeling/emotion attached to it?

With a little practice not overthinking or trying to work it out - rather just 'feeling it out' - you will begin to get an idea of what you need to address in your life. And if you do this, the pain may diminish or maybe even be gone.

The same applies to major diseases, although the more serious the problem the more layers that lie between you and the core of the issue. You may need some professional help but you can certainly begin on your own.

Remember every situation /condition in your life serves you in some way.

For example, the person who cant lose weight is served in some way by the extra weight. Ever notice how many people lose weight, only to put it back on again? They still need the weight, usually as a protection/comfort for a previous hurt. It is protection for the core wound and they likely eat to comfort the hurt. Once the embedded hurt is healed, there is no longer any need for the weight. It no longer serves you. Now it is easy to lose and it will stay off.

The messge is, pay attention to your body. it will give you a heap of signs and if you get them and take appropriate action, things will change and you may avert major illness or pain.

Happy travelling,