Your Inner Voice

Most of us have two voices inside ourselves (actually, some have many voices, but that’s a topic for a future blog).

The one we hear the most is the voice of the monkey mind: that's the one that keeps us awake at night with ceaseless chatter. This voice can escalate a mountain from a seed and then some. This voice generates stress worry, tension and can be a huge contributor to sickness both mental and physical.

What can be done to tame this rollercoaster of wayward thought that so dominates our life? Many people fill their lives up with various activities some of which are important and useful. However many will use activity as a distraction for they fear stopping.

How often have you heard the phrase "oh, you must keep busy"?

Why do you always need to keep busy?

People keep busy - they don’t stop - because they are frightened of what might begin to surface from within. There are many who carry so much unresolved stuff, that to stop means that perhaps it will engulf them. So the motto is, keep busy - don’t go there. While this may be a helpful process at times such as when a loved one has died (some distraction may be necessary to help you to a point where you can find a way through your grief, which is what you need to do), you also need to find a way through it or it will always be there.

To stop means to allow the inner chaos to surface. Not such an appealing thought is it? Depression can result from unresolved issues, so while stopping is important (for this is the only way you will have any chance of resolving and clearing the baggage you carry), you may need some help.

Meditation may be an answer...

This process is about taming the chatter box mind and finding your way beyond it to the quiet place where in lies the other voice - the INNER voice. This is the voice of wisdom and guidance. Once you have a connection to this voice, you will be able to navigate your way through the challenges of life and also find direction to heal the issues you carry from your history. The inner voice has been called the still, small voice that lies within - and it is just that. A quiet voice as opposed to the chatter box voice which is all noise.

Some of you have heard your inner voice but do you always follow it? It is a matter of developing faith in this voice, for it will often be opposed to what you think you should do, or what others expect you to do. You might feel a heap of opposition bearing down on you but you have to stand firm in faith if you are to follow this voice. If you wish for harmony, health and happiness, then you MUST learn to hear and follow it.

So come to know which voice is which and practice a meditative method that assists you to stop and listen. For you will only hear the inner voice if you quieten the monkey mind and truly learn to be quiet and LISTEN. Good luck and remember - find a method that works for you and practice, practice, practice! Don’t forget to have fun.

Happy travelling