Your Inner Voice: The Key To Hearing & Understanding Your Soul


Our journey through life has many challenges and it is at such times we often seek support and guidance. Usually we look outside ourselves to others for help, and while outer help may be necessary at times, it is often not enough on its own to help us find our way through the bumpy bits of our life. The good news is that our greatest help is much closer. There is a part of your being that knows and you are able to access that aspect of yourself it you so desire.

What is within is the voice of your soul, the Inner Voice.

Most of us have never been taught that we have an Inner Voice. While it is not an audible voice, when you do hear it, it can at times seem deafening. However most of the time it is a whisper, so quiet that unless you are paying attention you won’t hear it. This is the intuition we all know about. But how much do we understand it and more importantly how do we access it?

I would like to share with you an early experience I had with my Inner Voice.

Many years ago I lived in an Ashram (a place where people live and study yoga and meditation). I had been gathering understanding and knowledge of the inner aspects of life. Inquiring into the Inner Voice, what it was and how I could access it had been a big part of my study.

One day, I opened the front door to find a tall dark man dressed in a long white robe standing before me.

”I am a monk,” he said offering his hand. "I have come from India to teach you and one other a special meditation technique,” he said in rather broken English.

I invited him in and over a cup of tea, he explained how he had come to be with us.

“How did you know I was here?” I asked.

“I followed the voice,” he explained.

“What voice?” I asked.

“The voice within,” he said tapping his chest.

“Can you explain what this voice is and how I could tap into it?” I eagerly asked.

“I cannot explain nor describe it. All I can say is that it is the voice of your soul,” said the wise monk.

"It will come clearer once I have initiated you into the meditative technique that my master taught me.”

A couple of days later, I found myself sitting facing the monk.

“Focus here," he said pointing to the position of his third eye. “Do not waiver. Stay focused, keep your eyes open,” he instructed.

After a few moments the room began to glow with a brilliant white light. It got so bright that the room disappeared. I become the light. I felt connected to all things.

A voice that came from everywhere, spoke loudly,

“You are the Light and the Light is you. Everything is one.”

I knew it and felt it.

Time, it seemed, had ceased to exist.

I felt a pulling on me, gently at first. I resisted - I did not want to leave this wonderful state! The room began to reappear, still simmering. I was back in my body, the euphoric feeling still with me. The monk left the following day and the feeling and the light gradually faded over the next few days.

The memory and the connection of that experience with The Inner Voice is still with me.

If you truly seek inner understanding and connection, realise that your have never been disconnected from your Inner Voice - it just feels that way at times. The Inner Voice is the voice of your soul, and as such, is your birthright to know and reconnect to it.

The key is quietness of mind, seek a meditation process that works for you and you will begin to hear The Inner Voice. And when you do you will understand who and what you truly are.