What others have to say about working with Peter Hoddle and The Soul & The Ego Workshops

I was holding myself back from things I wanted to do and didn’t know why. I knew I wanted to change, but didn’t know how. I could feel emotions from the past festering inside me.

The Soul and Ego workshops are one of a kind. I was ready to see myself and challenge the blocks I put in my path, change my thinking and change my life.

With an open mind, I was guided with honesty and compassion to see myself and what I believed, and if I wanted to change those beliefs, taught how to do it. I could then choose my path consciously.

The practical methods taught in the workshop, enable you to find guidance and relief long after the workshops have finished. As they say, “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.”

Life changing. Hope, joy, truth and love are now part of my and my families lives everyday. I am still overwhelmed with gratitude as I write this, thinking about how much better I am, and how much better my life is.

Thank you Peter H, thank you Peter D.
— Erin
Sometimes a passing remark can change our life.

Such a remark was made to me.

’You should go to one of Peter Hoddle’s workshops where you can ask questions of the spiritual entities that call themselves The 12 Elders.’

At that time, I was dying from inoperable bowel cancer.

The 12 Elders’ words of wisdom and truth, Peter’s professional help and my own commitment to facing the truth about myself, has given me a new life of health.

Along with health, what also has presented itself to me is that healing lies in our realisation that mind is not a power. Mind is an avenue of awareness. If we are prepared to open our minds, our lives will become much easier as the bigger picture of our lives unfolds, and we learn that there is no good nor evil - there just is.
— Malcolm, 64, Landscape Designer
The Soul & The Ego workshops have changed my life in more profound ways than words can possibly do justice for. I can full-heartedly say this course will be the most important education I receive in my life, one of self-discovery, understanding & truth. So much so, at times I get overwhelmed by the thought of how different my life would have been if I had NOT done this course.

I also know I have waited my whole life for some of the answers and understanding I received doing these workshops. That is a feeling of liberation and relief that I am infinitely grateful for.

Being ‘stuck’ was the perfect time to start doing The Soul & The Ego course, I was carrying so much more baggage than I realised. In the midst of it, I gained clarity and help with significantly testing times in life - dealing with death, business, health, direction and more.

It’s a remarkable and challenging process, only made possible with the generosity and knowledge of Peter Hoddle & Peter D, and the humbling wisdom and insights of The Council of 12, who understand all there is to possibly know about you - yes, YOU specifically! - the world, the Universe, literally all things (not kidding here). There’s a huge amount of awe and comfort that brings, having you and events in your life being able to be articulated by The 12 with absolute, staggering precision. They help you start to get ‘it’, ‘it’ being all those things you’ve never been able to put your finger on and possibly never would on your own.

What this course is NOT: it’s not a fluffy, positive thinking course, it’s not religious, it’s not crazy or untoward in any way, it’s not break-you-down Landmark stuff, it’s not about having ‘no ego’, it’s not suffering in silence with your own thoughts Vipassana. And it’s definitely not just a meditation course.

What this course IS: it’s 100% rooted in reality, in everyday modern life in all its splendid, complex glory. It helps you to discover who you really are and your truth. It is led by incredibly experienced, wise and down-to-earth teachers who guide you through exacting processes, support you and provide you with smart, practical advice that can change your life for the better when applied. The rest of the ‘wow’ stuff continues to manifest of its own accord from there, because of you, your awareness and trust in yourself, the Universe and what you have learned.

Whether you’re a deep seeker who’s been long at this or someone with that niggling of ’is there more?’ or you’re walking in the middle of some deep shit right now, I can sincerely say that this is probably the greatest, most unique process anywhere to learn about yourself and improve your life. It is quite literally ‘heaven sent’ and it’s an incredible opportunity to have this in Australia. Just get here and try it.

If only every person in the world had the chance to do this course...

With every bit of gratitude to Peter and Peter and The 12, thank you.
— EM
I recently completed The Soul and Ego series of workshops, having changed groups a number of times to accommodate hospitalisation and medical treatment for an aggressive form of leukaemia I was diagnosed with a couple of years ago.

Whilst the medical care I’ve been given has been fantastic, I have no doubt that the insights and skills I took away from the workshops have played a major role in my amazing recovery to this point.

Logical and analytical by nature, my view of the world was turned upside down after the first weekend workshop. I realised that character traits which I had previously thought defined me in an honourable light were nothing of the sort. And so it continued through the series with many long standing views being challenged and re-shaped in illuminating positive ways.

The workshops are not what most would expect and not formulated or scripted. The discussions are forthright, sometimes spontaneous and often robust - but always interesting. Peter H and Peter D are not there to fix or cure the group, but to share their gifts and experiences, and to offer the tools for people to use in their own lives.

I would recommend the Soul and Ego workshops to anyone who wants a better life and who is prepared to look honestly at themselves and embrace personal change.

I am not the person I was at the beginning and different from whom I will be next year, but that is the point.

Thanks again Peter and Peter (and fellow participants).
— David, Therapist
I would like to thank Peter H and Peter D for facilitating The Soul & The Ego workshops series. It has provided me with a unique set of tools, skills and awareness to actively participate in manifesting the life that I want and living to my fullest potential.

The faith, trust and intuition that has been built throughout the workshops has given me the ability to live with enhanced empathy, compassion and understanding of myself and others, and has also allowed me to connect with some awesome like-minded people.

These workshops sincerely change peoples lives! With the guidance from The Council of 12, you are supported to discover your authentic self by confronting and piecing together patterns of behaviour and beliefs that anchor you and prevent you from moving forward.

These workshops are a great investment in yourself.
— Lisa, 47, Sales Rep
The Soul and The Ego workshop courses (I have done them several times, as I kept feeling the urge to go deeper each time) have given me the keys to lead a healthy and purposeful life.

The opportunity to receive the advice from 12 wise beings, The Council of 12, has been the most valuable and helpful gift that I have ever received, and enabled me to navigate through life’s challenging tasks.

The 12’s wisdom, lovingly shared and guided by both Peter H and Peter D, have given me the strength and self-worth that lead me out of fear and into faith.

I have been given the tools to become the Creator and Manifester of my own life.

With my deepest gratitude and blessings <3
— Lea, Student of Life
I feel extremely fortunate to be able to attend Peter’s workshops, they are extraordinary.

Although it can be daunting, looking deeper into myself, the outcome is life changing. I now have more self awareness and understanding of why I have certain thoughts, beliefs and patterns. Peter’s guidance and processes have provided me with the knowledge and ability to ‘let go’ of the patterns and beliefs which I no longer need to carry.

Attending the workshops with other like minded people in a supportive environment is a wonderful way to spend a weekend away from everyday life!

I would highly recommend Peter’s workshops to anyone who would like to have a deeper understanding of themselves and as Peter would say, be a “Student of Life”.

— JR
The Soul & The Ego workshop series is a truly transformational experience.

Spaced out over five weekends throughout the year, it is designed to absorb the teachings and wisdom gradually in order to adjust your life choices and behavioural habits step by step.

The workshop offers very clear advice on how to live your best life and when you follow the steps, you’ll soon see your relationships blossom, your self confidence soar and you’ll break old patterns, which will allow you to feel more at one with the Universe than you’ve ever felt before.
— SW
I have much love, respect and gratitude for the wisdom that comes from a place of love from The 12 Elders and the two Peters.

Over the past 9 months of this course, I have handled situations that have arisen in my life with calm, truth and courage and that comes from what I have learned from The Soul & The Ego workshops. I have experienced healing in both my body and my heart and feel I have grown with the guidance of the two Peters, with several light bulb moments during the course.

I thank the group of people who traveled this journey with me. I came to trust you all and feel safe in your company, my life is further enriched from all of you being in it.

If my words encourage any readers to follow through and attend this course, I hope it furthers your journey to discover your soul’s purpose.

Much love.
— Dianne, 68 Retired
I was ready to walk out on my marriage, if only I had the courage. I felt unsupported, unappreciated, used and violated; my self worth was non-existent and I had such a sadness imbedded deep in my heart. I had lost my power and didn’t know how to regain it.

I was blessed to be given the opportunity to attend The Soul and The Ego Workshop series presented by Peter Hoddle and guided by The Council of 12. It was a life changing experience for me. It brought up situations and emotions from past and present that I had no idea had affected me and shaped me into the person that I had become.

These workshops are emotionally challenging and confronting. You share your inner truths with what starts out as a small group of complete strangers (but soon become good friends), and you come out the other side with a new awareness and understanding of yourself.

I now take responsibility for all that I am and all that I want to be - I am the creator of my own destiny!

I have stopped being the victim, I have regained my power and am now a student of life.

My husband is now doing the workshops and the changes in him are truly amazing.


I can’t wait for the follow up workshops…
— Vonnie, Business Owner
I was actually stuck for words writing this, as any brief comments would not do justice to the breadth of the knowledge acquired over the workshop duration.

I have found everything I learned I have applied, and by an osmotic effect, it has positively influenced my family, friends and clients. It would truly appear by changing myself, I have indeed changed my world - but in a kind and continuous manner. So the changes that I have made seem progressive and permanent - not a temporary influence of the high from doing an interesting course, but deep change.

I have no doubt that Dave’s (my husband) return to good health, following a rugged two years dealing with acute myloid leukaemia and a subsequent bone marrow transplant, was assisted by understanding himself and the reasons for falling seriously ill in the first place. The climb back was supported, challenged, and his attitudes and health ultimately transformed by applying solid spiritual principles.

The benefits to me were equally impressive, though less tangible. I found a strength and courage I never knew I possessed. I allowed life to support me, and developed trust and faith as Dave faltered between life and death, and I experienced first hand how incredible the results were when I could put aside scepticism. I applied the practical techniques and teachings from the workshops without reservation, and was astounded at how quickly a situation could be turned around. Instead of needing outside help to facilitate the changes I wish to make, they are much more self directed, and I feel confident in my choices.

The learnings have been rigorous and at times challenging, but at all times Peter H, Peter D and the readings from the Council Of 12 have been very supportive and insightful. Conducting the course as a small group with breaks in between allowed for a much wider spectrum of experience to be initially learned and then applied. We would all find it difficult to make the time for the next weekend, mysterious reasons for not wanting to show up would appear, and then be put aside, to be amply rewarded once our collective fears were faced and dissolved. Working as a group we learnt how to solve issues and problems which affected each one of us, maybe from different perspectives, but the lessons of the group applied equally for the benefit to us all.

The opportunity to have individual readings in a group environment from the Elders is daunting, but such an opportunity to get a some very concise advice on anything that had been troubling me. Their advice was unique and not what I might have expected, but it worked. Very well.

My deepest gratitude to you Peter for being a wonderful friend and for facilitating such a unique course.
— Rosie, Therapist
Sheer brilliance, amazing, insightful!

I stumbled across this course in a twist of fate, as I had flown to QLD for another course. In doing so, I had the privilege of meeting Peter Hoddle.

Having had a couple of private sessions with him, he mentioned The Soul & The Ego workshops. At first I discarded the idea, as I live in Melbourne and it seemed a bit of an effort to attend every eight weeks.

On arrival back home, I had a change of mind and called up to attend the workshop. THANK GOD I DID! It was life changing. The knowledge and wisdom from both Peter H and Peter D is a precious gift not to be taken for granted.

I refer to my journal daily for inspiration and guidance and see life through my new vision!

I’m eternally grateful to have met the Council of 12 (the Elders) and had the gift of messages from them to guide me in all aspects of my life.

We started the workshop as a group of strangers and ended as a group of friends.

This workshop will enrich your life!

Thanks and blessings Peter, looking forward to our follow up course.
— Christine, 43, Interior Designer
The Soul & The Ego workshops have provided me with the tools and knowledge to connect with my true self. I have learned and experienced that I am not my body, I am not my mind. I am far more: I am spirit, energy unlimited.

As I am experiencing more of my spirit, I’m finding a greater beauty, strength, love and confidence and a lightness to life. I can now see how my ego performs and has been playing out my life. But now, as I’m learning to hear my inner whispers, I have choice; there is excitement and ease unfolding in my life.
— Vicki
In 1993 I returned to Queensland to complete a healing process that began in Melbourne in 1989. I was given Peter Hoddle’s name and he was one of the first people I called once I settled in.

That one call was to be pivotal in relation to my healing. The first time I met Peter, I felt I was connecting with an old friend. Together we worked through my life threatening health challenges with body work and more importantly hypnotherapy and guided meditations. Peter helped me unlock many doors and with his assistance I cleared some huge issues. In doing so, I regained my health and was inspired to assist others by facilitating meditations and sharing my story.

Peter’s workshops are particularly powerful. Everyone needs to experience the wisdom of ‘The Elders/The Council Of 12’. I know of no other gathering that is so personal, that facilitates through a very wise and special man, an individual connection to a pure energy.

Imagine being able to ask YOUR question about YOUR issues and receiving an answer that comes without discord, with no human ego attached. As well as connecting with like-minded souls in a nurturing, loving atmosphere, this is what you get...this is the real deal!
— Jan, 60, Company Director
Even though I had read everything and anything I could get my hands on about spirituality, positive thinking, the laws of attraction and all that fantastic stuff, it only ‘worked’ for a while. Then I would find myself back in old patterns feeling really frustrated. It was as if there was a missing link in the process.

When I started working with Peter, he helped me work out where the patterns originated and why I had created them in this life. A lot of it involved looking into my past lives (which thanks to Peter is easier than it sounds) to establish the full picture. Once I understood the whole picture the pattern would disappear. There was simply no use for it anymore.

I have such a huge respect for the way Peter works. Rather than give you all the answers, he helps YOU find the answers. Not only is this more empowering, I believe it is what makes Peters work so unique. You learn about yourself and the tools to see things differently and to work through challenges. Working with Peter was heartwarming, confronting, funny and raw and it absolutely changed my life - BIG TIME!

Then along came the Soul and The Ego workshops. If you can open up and surrender to the messages you receive from within yourself, from The Council Of 12, from the the two Peters, and the others in your group, your life will change. At times I felt confronted, belonging, loneliness, centeredness and had realisations I never even dreamed of!! The experience does not start on the Saturday morning and finish Sunday afternoon. If you surrender, it will permeate your whole life. Things change. Things shift. If this is what you want in life, these are the workshops for you.

To get to attend a workshop is something I see as an honour and a privilege. To be supported by Peter Hoddle and all the other beautiful brave souls who attend is an absolute blessing in my life. I am forever thankful to him!
— Erica, Mother of three
It’s almost impossible to put Peter and the impact he has had on my life into words. There is truly no one else like him.

I met Peter 10 years ago for treatment for injuries and over the years, he intuitively picked up on other parts of me that were broken. He never pushed it, but waited until I was ready to open up, suggesting some things I should probably address in my life. While it was sage, logical advice that I appreciated and understood, like so many others, life got in the way and I swept the issues under the carpet and kept pushing through, as if I didn’t have a choice or pretending they didn’t exist.

It took a series of unfortunate events for me to eventually hit crunch point, and thankfully Peter was there to support me when I did, providing me the advice and understanding no one else could, giving me hope and light in the darkness. He has helped me dig through the rubbish inside I didn’t even know existed and get myself on track to making a true change in my life.

Peter is as real, salt of the earth as it comes. There is no bollocks, no pretentiousness, no judgment. He is not about mysticism or fanaticism or new-age agendas or fads. He is about honesty, kindness, trusting in yourself and acceptance that there is no right or wrong – there just is.

If you have the chance to attend The Soul and The Ego workshops (a hugely powerful experience would be an understatement), consider yourself one of the very privileged ones. You will have one of the most important accelerated learning experiences of your life, and some of the most incredible realisations about yourself possible. These have spearheaded the start of a personal inner core transformation I never thought imaginable but always dreamed of - and that’s not just ‘positive thinking’ or something airy-fairy. I’m talking TRUE tangible change, and real personal freedom and peace.

We can all benefit from some form of help in life, whether we realise it or want to admit or not. If you really want change and guidance in your life, all you have to do is ask. And truly start listening. If you want to become the best version of yourself you can be, go see Peter and attend The Soul and The Ego workshops. You will be saving yourself a lot of time and lessons learned the hard (and long) way. You won’t regret it.
— SC, 32, Business Manager
Peter’s workshops are life changing.

I thought I had dealt with my grief surrounding the loss of my sister, but at the first workshop I attended, it became apparent that I still had a long way to go in processing my grief. Peter’s workshop gave me the opportunity to release my emotions in a safe, non-judgemental environment, surrounded by kind, caring and likeminded people all dealing with their own issues.

I have now attended four of Peter’s workshops and for me, once I step through the door I’m no longer a wife, mother, sister, daughter. It is just about me and my journey of self-awareness. Each workshop I attend, I learn something new about myself and the more I understand myself the more confident I become (something which I was lacking).

I love attending Peter’s workshops I always leave feeling lighter, happier, and more spiritual.
— Janene, 50, Company Director
Peter’s workshops are informal, entertaining and inspirational. The people in each group have much in common in thought patterns and experiences, and by working together a bond is created and many have said they feel as if the group is a second family.

The advice the Elders give is absolutely truthful, sometimes confronting in its honesty, but if followed, leads to a greater self-knowledge that is empowering. Life can become more benign and joyful, physical ailments can be healed and positive changes can happen in relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

My first reading with the Twelve Elders in May 2000 was a significant spiritual experience; it put events of my life into the context of my soul purpose. Continuing advice from the Elders has given me an evolving understanding of the links between the past and my present life circumstances.
— Sarah, Feng Shui Consultant, www.fengshuiforharmony.com.au
Peter’s workshops offer an insight into the inner self. During the last workshop I attended, following a guided meditation, I was transported back to a childhood incident that I had always treasured as a joyful and momentous occasion. I discovered that behind this was a lifelong fear of abandonment and overwhelming responsibility.

I was totally amazed that these feelings were hidden so well and have since come to understand many of the patterns that I have been repeating throughout my life being related to this incident. I also came to the understanding of ‘listening’ more to what may be behind what my family and friends are saying. I am more aware of quietening the mind and being on the lookout for messages and signposts.

Peter guides his workshop participants with love and patience; supporting the processes you are undergoing using his intuitive understanding of all things human. He is a unique leader allowing you to place full trust in his methods and abilities.
— Anita, 54
I met Pete about 30 years ago when he used to visit the ashram where I was living in Tasmania and do the most amazing massages. Everyone said then that he had an amazing gift and he does!

I had married for the first time 10 years ago and six years ago we had a son. Although the most wonderful experience, it brought a new set of challenges to our relationship and life became very difficult for us both. We went to marriage counselling, which was somewhat beneficial, but we wanted to go deeper. Believe it or not our counsellor recommended a guy who lives way out in Pomona called Peter Hoddle!

We both went to see Pete together and separately and began to gain a lot of insight into our lives together. After our relationship got back on track, Cath tapered off sessions and I continued with the metaphysical side. During regression therapy, I found my monk (who is actually me in a past life), who has been an invaluable comfort, source of inspiration and guide in my life today. I now meditate on a daily basis and life’s perplexing questions and problems are answered if I sit and be still. All I need to do is ask - ask for help!

I have also attended several of Pete’s workshops and gained a deeper insight into our state of being. At the last one, it was revealed I should take the family on a camping trip around Australia which would lead to a new direction. I only had to ask for guidance on a regular basis.

Two months into our trip in Kakadu National Park we met Norm and Linda vant Hoff and their sons Oscar and Lars. They invited us to their eco lodge in Bali, which we visited at the end of last year. It was as if we had come home. We are now building our own eco bungalows www.baliecostay.com. It is the perfect opportunity for us as a family to create something together, help the locals and the environment.

I feel blessed to have had Pete as a friend and guide in my life and will be forever grateful for his being.

Good luck on your journey.
— John, Bali Eco Resort Owner, 55
I didn’t know what to expect but the second I met Peter, I felt comfortable. I’ve met a lot of spiritual people in my life, and I consider myself spiritual too, but many people turn me off with an almost zealous attitude to their ‘faith’. Peter was not like this at all.

He asked me lost of questions about my life, my anxieties, my beliefs and I also talked a lot about the challenging 12 months we had just experienced. When we finished speaking, Peter turned to me and completely and utterly summed me up in a few sentences. He was completely right and it was such a relief that someone just gets you. We did some meditative exercises, where I saw my higher spiritual self. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever done. I was asking myself these questions and I was able to get the best answers for me right now.

Fundamentally, I knew the answers to these questions but by going through this process I was really able to connect with myself in a way that allowed me to answer these questions from my soul. I’ve been back a few times since and every time I return home I am feeling happier and more content and magnificently inspired.

Peter is a good person. He comes from a place of understanding and no judgement. He has lived a big and interesting life and taken on life lessons in a really positive way. He’s the sort of person you could talk to all day, as there is so much knowledge and experience to draw on. But there is humility in him, and you know that what he can do is much deeper than he will ever let on.

I definitely needed to meet Peter. He has already helped me change my life and thinking so much, and I am grateful to him for that. No one I have ever met before has had such an impact on me within the context of helping to sort out my head. And here’s me thinking he’ll fix my back… but he can do that too!
— Andrea, 40, Writer
I first went to see Peter some years ago now, for personal counselling. At that stage, life was challenging and my mind was in constant turmoil trying to navigate those challenges. I was looking for answers, but kept going around in circles. There was so much chatter going on in my head, trying to weigh everything up – the what if’s, maybes, should I etc.

I couldn’t hear any solutions. It was all too loud. Aside from the lack of clarity in my thinking, a good deal had to do with not trusting myself to have the answers, the right answers and to then go on and fully take responsibility for my decisions.

I remember thinking ‘just tell me what I have to do, give me the answers’. However, I came to realise, that is not how it works. In looking back, I now know that in the early part, I was unable to hear on a level that allowed me to fully understand. I wasn’t ready to understand.

Peter listened, talked with me and guided me, but he did not give me those answers directly; he allowed me to do it for myself. And I have.

With time I learned to trust the process, but more importantly, myself. My life has become calmer, more peaceful and manageable It doesn’t mean that life’s challenges have not continued, but the difference now is how I manage those challenges, how I hear and see more clearly and have strength I never thought possible to make decisions.

My first workshop was a unique experience for me. From the beginning I sensed a group of people who seemed to offer loving support in a safe environment. This continues to be my experience with each group and has over time allowed me to open up, trust and fully benefit from what is offered. Regardless of how harrowing I perceived it all to be, I have always been rewarded with such a sense of peace and calm at its conclusion and with better understanding. I love them.

There are no tragedies in life, only the gift of learning through those tragedies or adversities. To tell me that in the early stages of this part of my journey I would not have agreed. But I now embrace this and lovingly thank Peter Hoddle for his part in my journey. I still stumble, but I keep going with the skills I have learned and trust more each day.
— Catherine, 46, Nurse
I started doing hypnotherapy work with Peter seven years ago in preparation for the birth of my second child. The work helped me achieve a drug-free, easy delivery.

I have continued with the hypnotherapy sessions ever since, realising wonderful improvements in all areas of my life. I have gained a deeper understanding of life and a stronger connection to my inner guidance.

By introducing the practice of meditation, I am less emotionally reactive to situations and better equipped to deal with life’s challenges.

Peter is someone I can talk to about anything, without judgement or agenda. I am always greeted with honesty, kindness and humility and leave feeling reassured, with a greater sense of ease and clarity.
— Leita, 39, Company Director